Jasper and Alice are star-crossed lovers becasue alice found him. Well what if Alice was just a human girl.. new to forks high school that Jasper was madly in love with. What if James happened to track her still. WIll jasper tell her his secret to protect her....


11. Apoligizes

I waited in my car for Alice. I decided to run to school, instead of waiting my brothers and sisters. I was eager this morning (or as Edward called it: overly excited to say sorry to someone) as I figured out what to say. Alice usually arives to school around 7:30 so I got there at 7. I tapped on the bak of my seat. These are human things, I am not a human.. I'm far from it. If I were human I wouldn't have to wear a long sleeve shirt everyday to  cover the bites on my arm. I wouldn't have to lie to the girl I loved, about what I was. A vampire, cold, never moving forward. I glaced into the mirror and to my liking Alice pulled in. I parked my car, pretending I wasn't waiting for her for a half hour. "Alice!" I called running up to catch her, perhaps a little too fast. She turned around, stopped and kept walking. "Alice let's talk." I said. "now you wanna talk?" She asked. "yes." I answered. "well turns out, I don't want to." She snapped walking away from me. I sighed. "i didn't want to do this." too low for human ears. I made her feel like she wanted to talk to me. I went up to her again and said. "come on Alice." "Fine." I took her to a place behind the school. "Jasper, why were you ignoring me!" She asked. "Alice, I'm sorry." I whispered. "you didn't answer." She accused. "Listen, if I tell you.... I'll have to start ignoring you again." I explained, breaking off at the word again. "jasper is something wrong?" "Not if you forgive me!" I smiled widely, showing my teeth maybe too much. She sighed. "Ok, your forgiven, but why can't you tell me.. I deserve that." "if I tell you it wouldn't be safe." I answered as simple as I could. She stared at me for a moment but I knew I was forgiven. "One more question?" She half asked, half told me. I nodded my head. "why does your brothers and sisters hate me so much.. I mean I see the way they look at me." She asked. The words pushed me back. She noticed. "It's only Rosalie. Edward, Bella, Emmett.. they seem to like you." I explained. "we're only friends what did I do to Rosalie?' She asked another question. She thinks your gonna destroy my family, but don't worry she won't get near you. "er- well she doesn't hate you.. she thinks that our own tight group is good." I lied as well as I could. "ok.. well we should probably get to class." Alice said. "or not." I whispered quietly. "What?" She asked. "ditching school is good once ina while.. you can't go every day." I chuckled. "ok, I'm in for skipping." She giggled. "Wanna go to the trail?" i asked. "lets."

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