Kiss You

I was only looking for love. Some one to love me for me, some one to care for me, cuddle with me, make love to me, treat me right. But every time i let some one in my heart, they always got to break it, so i gave up, no more chances. It's never gonna happen. I grabbed my purse, took one last look in my rear view mirror making sure my make up was on point, and stepped foot out my car. I walked into "Rudolph's" ready to drink away all the pain. Maybe i wasn't meant to be with someone. Maybe ill just try those one night stand things for pleasure.....But no kisses, that's when i get attracted to them.


3. yes

Niall's p.o.v

  i watched as she got out the car, getting inside hers. When she took off i followed behind her but went different ways. I drove off to my house then. When i arrived, i got out the car, walking inside. "Niall!" i hear my mother call. I ignored her, walking up to my room. "Niall what this i hear you weren't at school today??" she said following behind me. I walked in closing my door not even wanting to hear her. "Niall" she repeated, knocking on the door. "GO AWAY" i yelled. It had gotten quiet on the other side of the door. I sighed, sitting back on my bed. "Niall, know im trying" she said. In her voice i can hear she's crying. Tears forming in my eyes. "Niall" she said again, sniffing. "mum just go" i said. I heard footsteps walking away from the door. 

  See what happened is, my father left us. I was really close to him. But he left. He left me. And i shut down. Becoming angry not carrying anymore. All in one year. All last year. Maybe....maybe that's my reason why i bullied Nina. Tears forming in my eyes, i cried silently. Thinking, i pushed everyone away. But the thing is, everyone, was only my mother. I pushed her away when she's trying. 

 I whipped my tears away, climbing out my bed. I went in my bathroom, turning on the shower. Undressing myself and getting in to the hot water. I let it hit on my body. I washed my hair, and my body. When i got out i dried off, putting on boxers and basketball shorts. I laid back in my bed watching love actually. 


 Nina's p.o.v

  when i got to the school i texted Spence that i was outside waiting for her. "okay babe :)x" she replied. In 3 minutes the bell would ring. And in that 3 minutes i thought bout Niall. Every time he touched me. That night. When he listened to me. His eyes. His smile. When he kissed my neck. When we held hands. When i shared a drink with him. Could he have really changed? Should i give him a chance? What if he breaks my hear--. "NINA" i heard someone yell, breaking me from my thoughts. I looked to my side seeing it was Spencer. I unlocked the door letting her get in. She buckled up saying hey to me. "Hey" i said back to her. "........okay SPILL" she said serious. I started the car up pulling out the school parking lot and driving to my house. "okay well i went to Rudolph's the night before last night and well I had a bit to much to drink and i danced with a boy....i grabbed a couple more to drink and the same boy asked if we should get out of there and well we went to his house and we had sex" i said. "Nina --" she was gonna say. "wait im not done" i said. She gave me a look asking me to continue. "okay, well after we had sex, we fell asleep and well i woke up in the middle of the night....Spencer, i looked at the person i slept with and it was Niall horan!" i said to her. "OMFG" she said. "ugh yea! okay so once i realized it i got dress and left walking in the cold weather" i finished. "Nina omg the one who bullied you" she said. "Spence i think i know what he did to me" i said, "okay well why did you leave school? where did you go?" she asked. I sighed, bitting my lip. "okay well before i left i texted myself from his phone so i could get his number, and once i got it i text him saying i had to go and ill see him in school, he never replied back till that afternoon. and well he asked if we could meet in the garden, when we met we talked and stuff and we left hanging out, going to the movies....oh and he told me that he really likes me, he wants me to give him a chance" i said to her. "WOW" she said. "thats all? wow" i said giggling. "yea WOW....oh no wait" she said "what?" "was he good?" she asked me. "WHAT?!!?" i said shocked. She bust out laughing. 

 When we arrived at my house we walked in. "Nina!" my grandmother yelled. "what?" i asked, maybe a little rudely. "Nina where the hell you was last night?" she said. "i was out, lets go Spence" i said grabbing Spencer's arm and walking up the stairs. "Nina" she said. "No Spence" i said already knowing what she was gonna say. "Nina, please stop being so rude to your grandmother, you should be lucky that she even took you in after your parents left" she said serious. I didn't even say anything. She suppose to be on my side. But she wants to be a bitch and be on her side. I walked out the room, running down stairs. "Nina" i heard my grandma yell. I ignored her running out the house, slamming the door. 

 I ran down the street getting stares from everyone that i ran past. I stopped looking around me. Everything was turning, i felt dizzy. I was breathing heavely. I walked over to a park bench, catching my breath. I pulled out my phone going thro my contacts. I found Niall's name and clicked call. 

 After 3 rings he answered. "Nina?" he asked. "Niall" i said not even a whisper. "Nina whats wrong?" he asked concerned. "Niall, could u pick me up?" i asked. I dont know what im doing. Why was i calling him? "YEA Nina where are you?" he asked. "On 3rd london lane" i said and hung up. I waited there for him, not moving, making eye contact with anyone. London lane isnt the best part of london to be in. "NINA" i heard someone call. My head darted up looking around. I got up walking to Niall's car, getting in. "Nina what are you doing out here?" he asked. I didn't say anything, i rested my head on the window. 

 He drove off not saying anything. Once he came to a complete stop i looked my head up. We were in a empty parking lot. I looked over at him. "Nina" he said looking at me, wanting me to say something. I shifted my body over facing him.  I held my head down, feeling him stare at me. I heard him sigh. I lifted my head up, seeing he had his head in his hand. I cupped his face in my hands looking at him. "Kiss, me" i whispered. He leaned in, our lips a cenimeter a part. I leaned in closing the gap. We kissed in sync. Passionately. I pulled away, looking him in his eyes smiling. "Nina-" he was gonna start, but i cut him off by kissing his soft lips again. He placed a hand on my waist, pulling me on him. He pulled away this time and i spoke. "yes Niall" i said smiling, placing my head in his neck. "so youll be my girlfriend?" he asked after i just said YES. "yes" i mumbled in his neck. I looked into his eyes eyeing his body also. "I just notice you were shirt less" i said. He chuckled nodding. "is that a problem?" he asked. I shook my head no giggling.  He kissed my forehead, and i crawled back onto my seat. 


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