Kiss You

I was only looking for love. Some one to love me for me, some one to care for me, cuddle with me, make love to me, treat me right. But every time i let some one in my heart, they always got to break it, so i gave up, no more chances. It's never gonna happen. I grabbed my purse, took one last look in my rear view mirror making sure my make up was on point, and stepped foot out my car. I walked into "Rudolph's" ready to drink away all the pain. Maybe i wasn't meant to be with someone. Maybe ill just try those one night stand things for pleasure.....But no kisses, that's when i get attracted to them.


2. talk, day out

Niall's p.o.v 

  I woke up from the bright light of the sun beaming in. I rubbed my eyes rolling over. "SHIT" i yelled as i fell on the floor. My head was pounding hard. I note that im naked, fully. I grabbed the blanket putting it back over me. I blinked a few times thinking bout last night. "okay i went out to Rudolph's then.....i remember coming here after a few drinks and meeting this girl. What did we do?" i thought. After a few seconds thinking. "WOW" i said. Realizing me and this girl had sex. Yea i wasnt the smartest in the morning. 

 Well were is she? i thought. I cheeked my phone for time. 11 AM. Shit im late!. I ran up to my room going into my closet getting some underwear and some clothes. Already late so i cant shower -.-. I threw the clothes on, brushing my teeth and running out the door. I drove off to school. 

  Once i arrived i jumped out the car running into my 3 class. I snuck in, walking to my desk with out my teacher noticing me.  I looked around everyone eyeing me. I ran my hands thro my hair fixing it a bit. I pulled my phone out seeing i had a text from a random number. "hi um sorry i left but i couldn't stay much longer, school 2mw...ugh yea c yea around" i read. DAMN this girl went to my school?? I replied back saying "hii no its could we meet somewhere later?" i sent. 


Nina's p.o.v

  I was in my math class drawing hearts all on my paper like a 5th grader with a crush. I couldn't help but think bout last night. I felt my phone vibrate. pulling it out i see i had a text. Who could be texting me? Spencer is sitting right next to me. Spencer's my only friend. Been best friends since Kindgarden. I opened it up reading it. "hii no its could we meet somewhere later?" was this-- NO. Why would he be txting me?. Well duh probably bout last night. "um sure Where and When?" i sent back. "who you texting?" Spencer whispered to me. "Ill tell you later, long story" i said. She nodded. He replied back "could we meet after this class? in the garden?" he said. "yea sure" i said. "okay thx :)x" he said. I smiled when i saw he put a X in the text. 

 After the bell rung i ran out the classroom getting away from Spence before she started asking me questions. I know what kind a friend am i? I texted her as i walked down the hall. "hey babe sorry i had to be somewhere i swear imma tell you the whole story" i sent. I put my phone in my back pocket, keeping my head held down, not making eye contact. When i got to the garden i sat down on the bench looking at my phone feeling nervous. What if he says, i wasnt 'good' last night? What if he says 'oh i cant believe i did it with you'? like he was discusted. 

 holding my head up i see someone walk in. Him. I stood up looking at him, fixing my shirt. "ugh hi" i said. "Hi" he said. the bell rung and we were now late. "um so bout last night..." i started. "no let me start" he said,"if that's okay?" he asked, adding in, "yea sure go ahead" i said. We took a seat on the bench. "well...i just wanna say i you were good last night" he said. Wow didnt see that coming. I looked down blushing, hard!. There was quiet a pause. "what?" i asked. "well how was i?" he asked. I bust out laughing, covering my mouth. "you wear good to" i said. He joined in laughing with me and continued. "thanks love, i also wanted to say so what does this mean for us?" he asked becoming me serious. " what do you mean?" i asked. "well i dont know how else to put it" he said. I got what he was saying. "Niall i only went out to drink away my problems, i know that wasnt the best thing to do but.....we were drunk and im not looking to be in a relationship right now" i said looking sad. "oh" he said. "ugh yea" i said. "well could i ask you...why didn't you want me to kiss you?" he asked. I giggled shaking my head. "I didn't want you to kiss me because its me weak spot, i fall for people to easily. I've been broken to many times and i not gonna let it happen again" i said tears forming in my eyes. He slid closer to me, our thighs touching. he cuffed his hands in mine. "Nina, i really like you, i would never hurt you" he said whispering. The tears started falling from my eyes, crying softly. "Hey don't cry" he said whipping my tears away. 

 We sat in silence till i spoke. "i cant believe this" i said. I stood up walking to the door. "wait!" he said. "were are you going?"  "you must not remember?" i asked. It took him a minute before realizing. "Nina im so sorry" he said tears forming in his eyes. Realizing he bullied me last year. "No Niall forget it" i said barely a whisper. "Nina please" he said placing his hands on my waist. I turned my head no making eye contact with him. Not wanting to look into those deep,  blue eyes of his. "I've changed i swear" he said bending down so his lips were near my face. "dont kiss me Niall" i said, I got out of his grip, opening the door. "ill...ill text you" i said walking out. I didn't even look back. 

 I can't believe i was actually falling for him. Not to mention I told him practically my past. My weak spot. I ran to the bathroom looking in the mirror. I cleaned myself up, the depression hitting me. Im not even in the mood anymore. To be around anyone. I walked out the bathroom walking to my locker. "Nina" i heard someone yell. "not right now" i said back. "where are you going?" he asked. "home" i replied placing my books into my locker. "home? why?" he asked.  "im not really in the mood anymore" i said closing it. "wont you get in trouble?" he asked. 

 I sighed turning around facing him. "do you see care on my face?" i asked him showing a straight face. "" he said all down. "Nina let me take you out...let me prove to you that i;ve changed" he said serious. "Niall..." "Please Nina, i-i really like you" he said. Should i let him? But then, what if i fall for him? What if he hurts me like the others did?. i questioned myself.   I stood there thinking. What if he really did change? "I guess Niall, only as friends" i said sighing. I've never seen him smile so big. We walked to the front of the building, existing out. 

 I pulled my phone out texting Spence "hey babe im sorry i left, depression hit and so i went home, come by after school?" i sent. I placed my phone back into my pocket, facing Niall. "well i dont have my car it's still at Rudolph's" i said not making eye contact. "that's okay we can take mine" he said. We walked to his car, getting in. He started the car up, facing me. "Where to?" he asked. "umm i dont know.....wont you get in trouble for ditching?" i asked. He chuckled nodding, driving off. "and no i wont get in trouble, as many times as i've done it" he said smiling. 


Niall's p.o.v

  We drove in a kinda awkward silence, arriving at the cinema's. "ready?" i asked her. We got out the car, walking in. "what film?" i asked her. "could you pick?" she asked, "but nothing scary" she added. Soo she was afraid of scary movies? "ugh 2 tickets to  TED" i said to the man. He handed them off to me. I walked back over by Nina. Placing a hand on her lower back, lightly pushing to the line for food. "what would you like?" i asked her. "oh nothing im fine" she said. "are you sure?" i asked raising a eye brow. "yea" she said. I grabbed her hand, walking more up in the line. "i'd like one large drink and a small popcorn" i said. A few seconds later i paid and we walked into the theater room. 

 "so Nina" i said throwing popcorn in my mouth. She shifted her body, facing me. A smirk grew on my lips before i could even get out what i was gonna say. "how have ya been?" i asked smiling. "OH MY GOD" she said smiling hard. I couldn't help but laugh. "Niall i've been bout yourself?" she said. "good, like i said, i've changed my ways" i said. Her smile dropped a bit but only slightly still seeing it. The previews just started. I chewed on my popcorn taking sips of my drink. "Are you at least thirst?" i asked. "maybe a little" she said. I passed her my drink, bring the nice guy i am. 

 "thanks" she said sipping out of it. I placed a hand over her, holding her waist. I felt her tense up a bit, "i dont bite" i whispered in her ear. She loosen up then.     Half way thro she rested her head on my shoulder laughing away. Her laugh was just beautiful. When i moved my arm she sat up looking at me "oh sorry" she said talking bout laying on my shoulder. "it's fine" i whispered back. We starred into each others eyes, not even listening to the movie. I wanted to kiss her lips so bad, but maybe if i didn't she'll like me more because i listened. I took a hand, moving her hair dirty blonde hair to one side, cupping her face in my hands. We leaned in, only or lips inches apart. She turned her head to the side. okay then. I tilted my head, leaning a little more, but kissed her on her neck. When i pulled away we looked into each others eyes. Her straight lips, turned into a smile. . 

 I smiled back at her showing my braces. "Nina i really like you would u give me a chance?" i asked. "Niall i dont know" she said. "Just let me think about it" she said. I nodded putting my hands down. I really like Nina. I can't even

*Nina's p.o.v

  His touch makes a rush go thro my body. His smile makes me just wanna leap on him. He has changed. But what if he hadn't? what if he was just using me? so i gotta play a little hard to get. The movie ended and we got up being the first one to leave. We walked out the cinema, talking bout our favorite parts. I made a move, slipping my small hand in his. He looked down at me smiling. He opened the door for me, helping me in. "thanks" i said. He smiled nodding. I watched as he walked around to the other side getting in. "what you wanna do now?" i asked. "what ever you want babe" he said. "oh ugh i mean Nina" he said quickly. I giggled, nodding my head. "sorry" he said blushing. "its fine Ni" i said nicknaming him. "

 "so im NI?" he asked. "yea i guess so Ni" i said poking his side. "Come on where we gonna go???" he whined. We were still parked in the parking lot. "i never really wanted to go anywhere with you" i said a little sassy, but was only joking around. "oh,um...well you want me to take you home?" he asked. I giggled shaking me head. "Niall i was only kidding" i said. Smiling. "oh" he said ."okay umm....wanna go to the park?" i asked. "sure" he said driving off. 


  When we arrived at the park, we got out, walking to the swings. I sat down, with Niall pushing me. "So Niall" i said starting a convocation. "yea" he said. "why do you want me to go out with you" i asked just wondering. When he was about to push me again, he stopped me, walked infront of me taking my hands and pulling me up so i was standing infront of him. "Because Nina i like you, I like your smile, the way your eyes gleam, i like you last night..." he said with a wink. "i like you because your you, and im sorry about last year, i cant believe i did such thing" he said. "well you did" i mumbled. "i know i did, and i regret it, if only you let me treat you right, again" he said. When he said 'treat me right again' was he talking bout last night? i wondered. "Niall i-" i was about to say but he interupted me. "just let me kiss you" he said placing a hand on my cheek. "Niall, just let me think bout it...i-im kinda liking you to" i said blushing a bit.  

 There was a short silence between us, after he dropped his hand from my cheek. He took a deep sigh, sitting on the swings. "push me" he said. "UGH" i whinned. I went behind him and started pushing his big self on the swing. "Niall your to heavy" i said whinning. "to bad i had to push you and do you think you were light?" he came back. I gasped pretending it hurt. "Im kidding!" he said quickly. 

 We stayed at the park only a couple more minutes, talking bout nothing and swinging each other. "We should probably get going, school's gonna be let out in a bit" he said. "okay" he said. He grabbed my hand as we walked back to the car. "do you think you could take me so i could get my car?" i asked. "sure" he said smiling.  We drove in silence, but a good silence, not awkward. When we arrived at Rudolph's, i unbuckled, facing Niall. "Thank's Niall, i really had fun" i said. "yea, i had fun to" he said smiling. We didn't say anything 5 seconds after.  He chuckled, looking down. "what?" i asked smiling. "I wanna kiss you" he said. I smiled looking down. "how bout?" i said and kissed him on his cheek. "it works" he said. I giggled nodding. "bye Niall" "Bye Nina" he said and hugged me. Before we broke apart he pecked my neck twice. I got out the car smiling, saying 'ill text you' then closing the door. I walked to my car getting in and driving off back to the school. I thought, since i was in a good mood ill pick Spence up. I blast the radio singing along to The Wanted 'glad you came'. 

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