Kiss You

I was only looking for love. Some one to love me for me, some one to care for me, cuddle with me, make love to me, treat me right. But every time i let some one in my heart, they always got to break it, so i gave up, no more chances. It's never gonna happen. I grabbed my purse, took one last look in my rear view mirror making sure my make up was on point, and stepped foot out my car. I walked into "Rudolph's" ready to drink away all the pain. Maybe i wasn't meant to be with someone. Maybe ill just try those one night stand things for pleasure.....But no kisses, that's when i get attracted to them.


4. pictures

Nialls p.o.v I drove us to my house not car in bout what my mom would say. When we arrived she looked over at me, "ready?" I asked her. She shook her head yea getting out the car. I walked around holding her hand. We walked in, mom sitting on the couch. Nina looked at her Half smiling. I nudge her to keep walking tho. We went up to my room Laying down on my bed. We looked into each others ways smiling. "Nina" I said, pulling her body closer. "Ill never hurt you" I said kissing her lips. I got out the bed locking the door and laying back down. I pulled her on top of me kissing her neck as she giggles softly. She touched on my back running her small hands up and down on it. I tugged on her shirt pulling it off and starring at her blue zebra print bra. I kissed down her chest to the top of her pants. She rolled off me putting her shirt back on. She pulled her phone out take pics of herself and sending them to me. I smiled at the goffy ones she sent. She tool her shirt off taking another one but sexier and sending it to me. I smiled big as she climbed back in bed laying on me, whisering that only for your eyes. I nodded as she started kissing my temples.
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