Dont Leave Me

Alison has been best friends with Zayn Malik since they were 4 years old! What happens when the X-factor tears them apart? Will they reunite? Read to find out!


4. Chapter 4

Sorry guys! I have been super busy babysitting! I was trying to save up my money for Ultimate VIP tickets to next years one direction concert! I did it! So to celebrate I wanted to update!!! Hope you guys like it!!

"So about the movies..." Louis said with a smirk. I wonder what goes on in the head of his. Anyways we all just looked at each other we are all soaking wet. "ERM.. I don't think I want want to go to the movies looking like this.." I said motioning my dress. " What?! You look absolutely beautiful!!" Louis teased. I rolled my eyes in response. "I could let you borrow some clothes?" Zayn asked. "Sure" I said shrugging my shoulders. All the boys went inside to shower and get ready. "Wow your room is huge!!!" I said looking around. He chuckled. "Your saying my house is huge when you own like 6 cars!" He said jokingly.. "Hey! Its one for each major color I wear!!" I said in defense. I like matching my cars..Dont judge!! We walked up to his closet and pulled out a bro tank.. I had one of those bras that just look cute uder things on with my dress. "Hey can you throw this in the dryer so I can wear it with that shirt?" I asked slipping in of....I had a regular bra under you pervs!!! Anyways he nooded and went to go do it while I toke a super quick shower and changed. his bro tank with some basket ball shorts..i could look like a dude if I didn't have boobs.. like really? I sliped on my converse and put my naturally curly hair in a messy bun. Zayn came walking in and just laughed. I shot daggers at him... "What??! I don't look good in your clothes?! I asked posing. "Im afraid not babe.." He said trying to keep a straight face..."Oh well wait...Do you have any leggings?!?!?" I asked.."Ofcourse I have  some! Every color too!" He said with a girly voice. "Seriously!! I need some so I can look like a girl!!" I said in defense. "Maybe Louis has some!" He said. I smiled and ran to every room seeing if it was Louis. Found IT!! " I just walked inside without knocking. "LOUIS!!!" I yelled. "What do you want?! Ever heard of knocking?!" He sassed. I need some ones to be exact!" I asked nicely..kinda. He rolled his eyes and left to the back of the room. He came back with surprisingly what I asked for. " Why do you have leggings?" I asked awkwardly taking them from his hand slowly. "What? A guy cant own some leggings?!" He said in defense. "Im afraid not Sir Louis" I mocked. "They are Elenors! JUst give them back so I can wash them for her." AWWWWWWWWW!!! "AW look at Louis washing his girlie friends clothes!!!! Its so CCOOOTTEE!!!" I said pinching his cheeks. He blushed. "Oh shut up and get ready!" He shooed me away. I ran back to Zayns room and quickky changed.



 "ZAYN!!!" I yelled from downstairs.. "He takes forever!" Harry groaned. "Bet you cant make him come down!" NIall shouted. "Your on!!" I said.. I thought for a little bit..Perfect!! I grabbed my phone and went to the  recording parts. I remember recording him sing in the shower when we were little. yeahhes a singer but he would mess around and sing horrible just to make me laugh. I pressed play band turned the volume on full blast. He was singing Just the way you are by Bruno mars. All th eboys started laughing and rolling on the floor. Harry had somne tears too! "YOu could hear someone running down the stairs. "Turn that stuff off!! NOW!!" He said taking my phone from me." did you go from that to being in  a boy band?!" Liam asked still laughing. Zayn glared at me. "Niall!!" I said. I put my hand out. He rolled his eyes and took out his wallet. 50$ was put on my hand. "I told you! I can make Zayn do anything!!" I say cockingly. "Can not!!" "Can too!!" We argued. "Zayn my throat hurts now! Can you go get me a water bottle and some cookies?!" I asked testing him. "Sure! NO problem!" He left to the kitchen and I turned around and looked at the boys. "Told you!" I teased. We just started laughing. "Looks like Zayn has a master!" LOuis said. Zayn came back and tackled me to the floor. "Why would you do that to a girl?!" Liam asked tryimg to get him off me. "Hah Liam step away.." Zayn said. Liam followed. "Do you really think youcan just pin me down?" I asked. "I think I just did" He smirked. I got real close to his face. Lips were inches apart..Perfect..I quickly got out of his graps and pinned him down. The boys howled. "Mate I think she just kicked your butt!!" Harry teased. "Looks like I still got it." I smirked. "Just like old times" I said . "It was not fair!!" Zayn yelled. "How was it not fair?! Pinning a girl down without warning is fair though right?" I asked. 'But you--We-- nevermind.." He said looking confused. We just all laughed. "So what movie should we see?!" I asked excitedly. "How about Grown ups two?!" NIall asked. "I have been wanting to watch that movie!!" I say hugging him. He hugged back. "No I can see what fans go crazy over you Horan Hugs!" I joked. We all went to the movies and it was completely empty. "Why is there no one here?!" I asked. "We rented out the theater otherwise we would be crowded by fans!" Liam said. "oooohhhhh." I said. THis is so COOL!!






HI GUYS HI! So heres what im thinking.... lol jk! Um this was a very short chapter and a boring one. I just need to kick it up a little! Read my other stories and tell me what you think!! Comment and like it! Follow me on instgram! Ill follow back! @hello_nikki1323 have fun reading!! LOve you my little sour patch kidz!!

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