Dont Leave Me

Alison has been best friends with Zayn Malik since they were 4 years old! What happens when the X-factor tears them apart? Will they reunite? Read to find out!


3. Chapter 3

After the boys introduced themselves, we went inside to get something to eat.  "So Allison... Tell us about yourself." Louis asked handing me a plate of spaghetti. "But Zayn has practically told us everything there is to know about her!" Harry said winking at me. Winking. Something I don't see a lot. Just in movies really. " we'll let's see how much Zayn has told you about me..what's my favorite color?!" I asked pretending to be a game show host. They started laughing at what I'm guessing is my game show voice. "Teal!!" They all screamed at once. "Impressive I must for a harder question..what is my favorite movie?!" They could have never go this right...but guess what? They did-_-  "Tinkerbell!!" They shouted. "The one with the sister that lives in Antarctica!!" Louis screams. "But-how-why- she does not live in Antarctica!!" I manage to say. I look over at Zayn and glare at him for like 5 seconds. "Why did you have to tell them that?!" I asked embarrassed. "I-umm- well- I- I really don't know" he shrugged. I just rolled my eyes. "Anyways!!! Who wants to go to the movies?!!!?" Louis shouted. I look over at Zayn to see his opinion. *cluck click cluck* he made the noises with his tongue. Oh yeah!!! *click slap slap* I replied. "Aye!! We still got it!!" I screamed! "What the bloody hell was that?" Asked Liam with a rather confusing look. Actually a the boys had that expression. "Hah! He didn't tell you that huh?! Well we made up a secret language when we were kids so that we could plan things and sneak out without out parents knowing!" I said hugging Zayn. He smelled just like when we were kids. Just more manly? I used to love cuddling with him. His smell is like heaven!! "Can you guys teach me?!" Asked the little cute blondie. "It's called secret language for a reason!" Zayn said. "What's the fun in talking about you guys when you could understand it?!" I said jokingly. "You know what? I do remember Zayn saying being TICKLISH!! Attack!!" Harry screamed lunging forward. I tried to run as fast as I could but 5 boys is too fast for me. I fell to the ground as all 5of them start attacking me with their fingers at my side. "Guys!! Stop! I'm! Going! To! Like! Pee! In! My! Pants!!"I say on between breaths. "What are you talking about?! You have no pants!!" Liam says. I tried to get up but couldn't! Hmmm. Think of something!! "Shit!! I think I just got my period!!!" I shout. You should know that I am amazing at acting!! They all backed away fast. "Ermm." Harry said awkwardly. I look down and dashed for the biggest water fun on the ground. "Got ya suckers!!!" I say while blasting all of them. "You little wich!!" Zayn yelled. I just started laughing till I lost about 20 pounds. These guys are so much fun! "So about the movies..." 

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