Dont Leave Me

Alison has been best friends with Zayn Malik since they were 4 years old! What happens when the X-factor tears them apart? Will they reunite? Read to find out!


2. Chapter 2

I look at the face infront of me. Can it really be?! Is this really him? As i come to think of it, it can be one of thoose cool hologram thingys! I put my hand on 'its' face. "OMG! Zayn!!!!!!!" I scream jumping on him. "I missed you soo much Alison!!" He wispered carrying me to the kitchen counter. "I cant beleive its really you! I thought you forgot about me!!" I said tearing up of joy. He my Zayn. The on that just left without saying good-bye. "How could i forget my best friend?!" He said wiping my tears away. I look down. "Well for one this whole 2 years you never tried to contac me once!" I say feeling hurt. He looks at me shockd. "One thing is trying! I absolutly did try to contact you babe! But i had no time to do nything. And hen i visited family i was so cought up with them that i had no time to a least call. you have to understand that it was hard for me too! I didnt even get to say good-bye....but im glad i didnt too." He said with tears on the verge of falling.  "Im sorry. I knw youve been super busy but it stil urt. And ot saying good-bye. I think thats what hurt me the most!" I say looking deep into his beautiful eyes. "If i would have said good-bye, it would have been harder to atually go. seeing you like tis upsets me. I like to see you having fun....which is why i hav a surprise for you!" He said throwing me over his shoulder. "Zayn!!! Put me down!!" I try to wiggle out of his grip. "Mrs. Martinez, Have a nice day!" He said to my mom. "Oh you kow you can call me Zoe! and take good care of my baby girl! I love you Aly!" She said waving good-bye. Soon im blindfolded. "what the hell! This isnt fair!" I yell. I try to pull down the blindfold on to have my hands tied behind me. "Zayn! You nevr old me you were a rapist!!" I said jokingly. I heard a few guys laugh. wha the hell is going on?!  "Ok babe. Hold tiht. were almost there!" Zayn said. I can alreadyse im smirking at my annoyed expression. Finally i felt the car stop and i let ou a deep breath. "I swear once im untied, i am goig to beat the poop out of you!" I say with a smile. "aw thats cut. You think you cn beat me up!" He says laughing. "Hah! WHo ws the one who always cried after a wrestling match huh?!" I asked remembering clearly when we were little. He coughed a bit. "I always faked cired so you would think you won...duh!" He said hesatating just a little."Uh huh now get this off me!" I said wiggling around. Ok,ok,ok. Calm your balls!" He said. Soon i could see!! "wow." i gasped. This house is HUUUUUGE! "Like it?!" He said smiling. "Why dd youget such a big house?!" I asked walking up to the door. "well caue i have 4 very annoying guys living with me at the moment." He said opening the door to find a disaster. "You left out slobs.." I say jokingly. He just olls his eyes. "BOYS!!!!!" Zayn yells. There was a faint sound that came from the back yard. we slowly wlked to the french doors leading to the back. Sure enough there was 4 boys running around with ater guns shooig each other. I start to giggle at the fact that theese boys are so cute soaking wet. "Lets go get them!" Zayn says handing e a water gun. I look at my dress. "But im wearing this!!" I said. "Dont be such a girl!!" He said rolling his eyes. "Fine. But you owe me a dress!" I say. We quickly opened the door and started to shoot all the boys. At fist they shot back but then stoped as son as they saw me. Awward. were all just here....soaking wet...and they're just starring at me. "Ummmmm..Hi." I said akwardly. "Who are you!" the one in red pants said pointing the water gun at me. I instantly put mine up to. "I could ask you the same thing buddy." I said circling him. "Well well well. Its 5 againts 1. No luck for you Miss No name." He said smrking. I smile back. Actually i can take that challenge." I said winking. the other boys still havent moved.  I quickly shot each on of themwith water. "Looks like its one on one." I said smirking this tme. He lowers hs gun in shock andopenes his mouth to argue. Boom. Just like that i aimed for his mouth. Water shot out of my gun and straight to his maouth. "I won!!" I said jumping up and down. "No fair!" he said. "Oh and 5 really attractive boys againts one girl id fair?!" I asked. He looks at m like he want to kil me. "well no but still! Anyways..who are you really?!" He asked. I look at zayn. "Boys, meet Allison." He said hugging me. " that THE Allison?! The one you wont stap talking about. Every conversation involves Ally!" Te blonde one said. I could feel zayns cheek heat up. "Yup thats my Ally!" He said. Soon all the boys introduced themselves to me. They seem really cool. I cant wait to get to know them better!!!!









Hey guys! So this i barley the second chapter! I know im a horrible writer!But anyways tell me what yu think! And who youthink Ally should be with! Im not sure if it should be Zayn or not! Anyways like, commentt, and fllow me an instagra!!!


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