Dont Leave Me

Alison has been best friends with Zayn Malik since they were 4 years old! What happens when the X-factor tears them apart? Will they reunite? Read to find out!


1. Chapter 1


"Ready or not here I come!" I yelled loud enough for Zayn to hear me.  I  walk over to the big tree. I      crawl inside the big hole at the bottom. "I found you!" I scream grabing his arm. "Aw man! I thought this was my best hding spot! No fair you cheated!" He said jokingly. "Well cheaters always win!" I say back. "Kids! Lunch is ready!"My mom yelled from the door. "Race you there!?" He asked with his memorizing smile. "123 go!" I yell sprinting towards thedoor. "Cheater!" He yelled again. I simply rolled my eyes and stuffed my face with pasta.


God i get these all the time. Im just waiting for the day Zayn finally calls or at least text me. You see...ever since he became part of One Direction...we completly lost contact. I was  there  for him throught the whole time he was on the X-Factor. But i guess being in a worldwide band, you really dont get to contact your best friend at all huh? Ohwell. "Morning Mom!" I say giving her a hug."Morning sweetie, any luck?" She said refering to Zayn. I simply shook my head and looked at my feet. "Im sorry honey..hell come around one day.. i just know it." She said rubing my back. Zayn was the least of her cncerns right now. My dad has just passed away and its pretty tough on her. It was a saturday morning and i usually just sit down and watch tv for a few hours. I jump on the sofa and turn on the tv. In front ofmy face was the faces of One Direction. "Mom! Look!" I yell still focused on the tv. "Here you have it girls! One Direction is in town for a month!" The womanon tv announced.My mouth nearly droped! "Did you hear that?! Did you hear that Momma?! Zayns in town!" I yell. ut soon my eximent fell. Why would a guy like Zayn remember his best friend after hes met so many people. Looks like he already has 4 new bestfriends. "Whats the matter Honey?" My mom asked sitting down next to me. "Nothing...its just..what if he dosent remember me?" I asked looking into her eyes. I could feel the tears wanting to come out. "Oh sweety! How could you say that? Zaynwould never forget about you!" She said reasuring. "Yeah..thats why he hasent made contact with for for almost 3 years huh?" I said back. It came out a bit harsh. "Im sorry momma its just that this gets me really why?" I said crying into her shoulder. Its alright sweety.C'mon lets go have a you and me day of shopping!" She said. Shopping did make me feel better....."Alright..But your buying lunch this time got it?" I said               glring at her. She giggled. Alright honey but this time only!" She said getting up to go get ready. I go upsatirs and quickly change into ahigh-low dress withan elastic belt on my waist, with my converse. Perfect outfit. I grab my wristlet and phone and run downstairs. "Mom! You take forever!" I groaned, She just laughed and walked outslowly."Mom! Im leavingwithoutyou!" I say running out of the house. what car should we take? "TheMustang if thats what you were matches your dress.." She said smiling. It was a light blue dress and so was the car. I grabed the keys and opend the drivers door and hoped in. "To the mall?" i asked. "To the mall!" She yelled.My madre is freaking crazy if you cant tell. Wesoon arrive at the mall and head straight for forever 21. We spent hours there. Soon my mom got a  phone call. "Hello? Oh...isee...ok..thank you...iwill...bye." She said at first her face was really exited and then turned serious. "who was that?" I asked. " boss..he said i need to go to  work but i need to go home and ...change first." She said. Weird...she never worked on the weekends. "Um alright well lets dont want your boss waiting."I say walking to the car we hoped in and surprisingly it was a quiet ride. Its never quiet. I pull into the drive way and go to unlock the door.I unlocked the door to  find something i totally did not expect...



My best friend....







-SO tell me what you think! Love you guys!





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