<Fear Creates Illusions>

What the title says.


1. Poem!

<Fear creates illusions>

“Mommy? Are you there?”

I was dark out and he was scared.

He was alone,

But he didn’t know.

I was only suppose to be fifty-four degrees cold.

“Daddy? Are we playing? Can we stop? I don’t want to play now.”

There was no answer from either parents,

No answer but the air.

The four year old boy turned around and went back to bed.

“I’m big enough to handle this. I’m not scared.”

He would chant.

And he stopped,

He was at his room,

Where the nightmare first started.

He shivered with fear but took a deep breath.

“It was only a dream. It wasn’t real.”

He prayed for what he saw was.

He wished and hoped,

And even prayed to God.

He walked towards his bed and grabbed his stuffed bear.

He crawled under the covers chanted for confidence.

His eyes dropped like bricks,

His mind started to wonder.

His nightmare came back again,

But he chanted the chant so it would go away.

It wasn’t working,

The tears started to spill,

The bottom lip forced itself to tremble.

It was only a dream and he knew it.

He couldn’t take it,

He jumped out of bed and rushed down the hall.

He made it to his parents room and gave a little knock.

The door didn’t open,

There was no moaning from getting up,

There was still only silence.

He knocked again,

Harder and harder this time.

His luck was darkness and silence.

“Mommy! Daddy!”

His voice was so scared,

The dream came rushing back to him.

He shock his head and grabbed the handle.

The door was unlocked,

He barged right in.

He ran to the bed,

And threw off the covers.

No one was there,

Only a blanked to spare.

He question where they could of gone.

He found no answer,

He ran out of the room and turned on all the lights.

He looked all around the house,

Looking and shriving,

But he couldn’t fine them.

He fell to his knees,

The nightmare was true.

His parents did leave him,

They left him alone,

All alone.

The four year old started to bawl,

Started to scream,

And soon fell asleep.

The only thing he didn’t know,

Was his parents died along time ago.

That he kept believing they were here.

And every night this would happen.

It was true,

He was alone.

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