1D Kidnapped +13

What happens when One Direction is kidnapped, 16 year old Skyla is on the case trying to find the boys before time runs out!


1. kidnapped

Scarlette's POV

I sat there eating lucky charms I was about to text the Boys(better known as One Direction).I was apart of G.C.P.A,an organization that protects celebs I got assigned to non other than One Direction.Anyway when my mom turned on the news i almost dropped my spoon."Yes One Direction has been kidnapped the reporter said last seen at this bar the police are making progress finding this ransom note." I finished watching the report then sprung into action.I grabbed my back already packed, my emergency money about 2,500 dollars, and finally my badge it was on a necklace that also had the boys emergency numbers on the back.I went to the living room to grab the keys to my motorcycle I grabbed my leather jacket and hugged my mom."Good luck Agent Red Rose."she said smiling."Thanks mom" I whispered back.I got on my red motercycle and headed to the nightclub.


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