1D Kidnapped +13

What happens when One Direction is kidnapped, 16 year old Skyla is on the case trying to find the boys before time runs out!


3. Just lovely

I walked in to see the blond bimbo I used to see as a friend.

"Silena" I muttered coldly.

"Hey Scar" she retorted with an attitude.I see your little boyband's missing. It would be a real shame if something were to happen to them.

Instead of replying to her threat I simply said something worse.

"Yeah like that liposurgery of yours."Where'd you get it again, fake boobs "R" us.I snarled back.

"You know what I hope that you- she started

I am able to help the next person in line. I looked to see a short pudgy man behind the counter said starting to get a little impatient. 

I stepped out of the way to let Silena go first.

"Bitch's first" I said in the fakest nice voice i could muster.

I got back on my back and drove down the road." I guess food could wait" I mumbled to myself.

I had such high hopes for Silena she was my first student.

When the agency assigns you a student they have to follow you around.

That's when the trouble started Silena started to date Niall and I would be lying if I said I wasn't a tiny bit jealous but it's not like I went around sabotaging their date, but I did have a small crush on Niall.

 I pulled up to the hospital. And boy was I in for a shocker.


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