1D Kidnapped +13

What happens when One Direction is kidnapped, 16 year old Skyla is on the case trying to find the boys before time runs out!


2. hangover

Niall's POV

As I sat up I looked at my surroundings suddenly memories came flooding back.The first thought that popped into my head was Scarlette is going to kill me. I've had a huge crush on her for ages She was smart, fun, and the only girl who really knew how to fix a hangover which came up a lot. She was also cute in that mess- with- me- I'll- kick- your- ass- sort of way. She really was the perfect girl.I looked around and realized that I heard other voices.Look the Blond one's awake the big burly guy sneered.I looked around the other guys were out cold but not to far away."What do you want"I growled."Oh he retorted we don't want you we want your bodyguard.My eyes widened in horror, why do you want Scarlette."Let's just say the boss has some unfinished business.With that he left me wondering what Scar had done and why this boss guy wanted her.I had a killer hangover and sleeping on the floor didn't help. I passed out again worried about Scar.

Scarlette's POV

As I walked up to the bar the manager approached sorry the cops were already here he snarled. Oh I smirked that's nice before kicking him in the nuts I then bent down and showed him my badge too bad i'm not the cops.Go right on in he croaked. thanks i replied.As soon as i got to the back the smell of blood hit me i continued to walk back the smell got stronger.I walked out to see a dead Dani and a dead El.Oh I said under my breath they were really sweet girls and they certainly did not deserve to die. I sighed, put on my examination gloves and got to work.Dani had a medical needle in her right arm most likely held poison that killed her El's killer certainly did not expect the girls to be found because they left a card for merciful hospital a plastic surgeon.Great i thought a murderous one direction fan with body issues and access to a medical center.

I hopped on my motor cycle and headed to the hospital it was a long ride when i decided to stop at mcdonalds when i saw her...

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