did Harry forget too

when Harry gets kidnapped by some crazy girls after his consert in vegas, his little sister Lizzie has to help him with Zayn,Louis,Liam and Niall, but if things go wrong and Lizzie starts falling for Niall and forgets about harry will she remember and save him before he forgets about her and the band?


1. why harry

"Lizzie" Harry said to his little sister, who was asleep on the couch behind stage. "Lizzie" "what now Harry" Lizzie said in her little croaky morning voice. "The concerts over" Harry said also sounding very tired.

Lizzie got up and started walking with them, all of a sudden the boys were turning to Harry when they noteced that he was gone! "Harry"! Louis yelled when he didnt reply they got a little worried. "Harry" Liam yelled they heard something coming from the other side of the stage. "Harry is that you" Liam yelled "help,help" Harry was in trouble! Everyone rushed to the other side of the stage when they found Harry getting pulled away by two fan girls."HELP" Harry screamed as they pushed him in the car and drove off. "Oh,no" Lizzie said "why harry."


sorry its short guys but i got all stuck with homework so so sorry this is also my first Movellas i hope you guys like it more is on its why bye luv ya

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