Rachel and Zayn were happily married. Well at least that's what Rachel thought. He cheated on her for 2 years. She ran away. Harry found her. They start to grow feeling for eachother. Will anything happen? Read to find out.


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    "Who wants to come with me to the  movies?"I asked. "I do!"All of the boys said all together. All except Zayn. "You sure you don`t want to come with us, Zayn?"I asked. "Yeah."He said. "Okay. We'll bring food home after the movie." I said. "Okay."He replied. We all walked out of the door and to Harry's car. "I call shotgun!"I yelled running to the car door. Niall put a sad look on his face. So fake. "It's okay, Ni. Maybe next time."I said. We both started laughing and we got in the car. I sat down and I found a carrott on the floor. I picked it up and threw it at Louis. I turned around and acted like nothing ever happened. "Alright, who threw it?"Louis asked. Everyone pointed at me. "Seriously?"I said. They all laughed. "You, young lady are going to have to pay for everything now for throwing that at me."Louis said in a sassy tone. "but I don't wanna."I whined in a kid voice. We all started laughing.' When I Was Your Man' by Bruno mars came on. "Ooh I love this song!"I yelled turning up the volume. "It all just sounds like oooooooh ooh. To young to dumb to realize, that I should've bought you flowers and held your hand."I sang really loud. Soon after all of the boys joined in. When the song was over we all laughed. When we were done laughing we were at the movie theatre. We walked in and Harry got the tickets. We're going to see 'Mama'. I sat inbetween Harry and Liam. We sat in the back row. We're the only ones in the whole movie theatre. "Huh, that's wierd. we're never the only ones here."I said. "Yeah I know it's wierd."Liam said. The movie started and we got quiet. In the middle of the movie I went to the bathroom. I checked my makeup and hair and made sure I didn't look like an idiot. When I was on my way back I heard Harry calling my name. "Yeah we have to go now."Harry said. "Why?"I asked. "Louis got us kicked out."He said. "How? What did he do."I asked. "He was screaming like a little girl and they came in and kicked us out."He said. I started laughing and we left. "Nice job Louis."I said sarcastically. "Thanks."He said smiling.  We walked to the car and I got in the front seat. "Let's get Pizza!"I said. "Okay call."Harry said. I got out my phone. "How many trays?"I asked. "Four!"Niall said. "Oh my god."I said. I called and ordered the food. "Twenty minutes."I said. "Okay."We all just sat on our phones in the parking lot. "Okay who's coming in with me to get it?"i asked. "I will."Liam said. "okay."I said. We walked in and came out five minutes later with the food. When we got to the car I saw Niall sitting in my seat. I tapped on the window and he laughed a me. I opened the door and sat on him. "okay I'm leaving."He said. I stuck my tongue out at him and he left. I buckled my seatbelt and Harry drove away. When we got home Louis and Liam were arguing about who got to drive home. "Okay Liam your driving home because you won't get drunk. Unlike some of you...."I said looking at Niall, Louis, and Harry. They all laughed and we got out of the car. We walked up to the door and opened it and saw Zayn. Making out with some other girl. I dropped the food and ran out the door crying. I heard yelling and someone starting coming after me. I ran faster and ended up in the park. I sat on a bench and a few minutes later someone sat next to me. I knew it was Harry. "It's okay."He said pulling me into a hug. i cried  on his shoulder and he hugged me tighter. "I can't believe he would do something like that."I said. "I know me neither."He said. "The boys are taking care of it."He said. I looked at him. "How?"I asked. "Well, first Lois yelled at him. Then, Niall threw something. And Liam I don't even know what he did because I ran after you."He said. "Thanks Harry."I said. He smiled. "Do you need anthong?"He asked. "No I'm going to stay at my mom's house for now  I guess."I said. "You can stay with mef you want."He said. "No that's okay. You don't have to do that."I said. "No. I get bored alot because I'm always alone."He said. "Thank you Harry."I said. He smiled at me and I hugged him. We sat like that for a while. Just sitting there doing nothing. Untill I heard my name being called.

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