If You Love Something, Don't Set It Free

"Letting go of something is the hardest thing to do but if there was really love, they will always come back."


2. XFactor

Niall's POV:

 I really told her how I feel about her! I did it because I knew that I wasn't going to make it any farther than the auditions. I mean, I had a nice voice but compared to the rest of the boys, it was alright. I knew that I would get mostly no's from the judges and I would be able to come back home and be with Millenia-Iris. it would be perfect! But what if it doesn't happen like that? What if I make it to the Judges' House and I end up doing the XFactor Tour?!

My thoughts are suddenly brought to reality when I see a massive crowd of people. By the expression on Harry's face, I could tell that we had arrived at the XFactor building. My hands began to tremble and shake rapidly. I was scared out of my mind and so were the mates.

"You guys ready?" Louis asks.

"Ready." we all say.

We hop out of the van and begin to make our way through the crowd. I was claustrophobic, so I began to feel anxiety build up inside of me but Zayn and Liam stayed at my sides so I wouldn't get trampled over. When we finally got inside, I saw many people with suitcases. I could tell that they were nervous to be here too. Some strangers greeted me and the boys and began to seperate us. I was taken away from our group and sent to some room. The rest of the boys went to a different room as well.

"Hello, love. My name is Cher. I am your, as you would say, tour guide. Each and every one of the contestants on this show has one and we guide you through the do's and don'ts of the XFactor. I will be there every step of the way. I will also do your hair and makeup and I also help you choose your outfits. I know, this is a little confusing but you'll get the hang of it. Have you any questions?"  the lady says.

"Uh, where has everyone else gone too?" I ask.

"Oh, they went with their personal tour guides to their dressing room. And oh yes, this is your very own dressing room. It is in the same hallway as the rest of the boy contestants on the show."


"I will leave you to get familiar with your dressing room for a little while. You can look around. I will be back in a half an hour to pick you up and take you to the Xfactor House."

"What's the XFactor House?"

"Its where you will stay as long as you are on the show. You will see your mates there. Don't worry. But, I have to go. I will see you in a half hour."


And she leaves the room.

I get up from of the comfortable seat that I was sitting on and I look around my dressing room. It's pretty small but its perfect to me. I have my own mirror with lights surrounding it and i even have a sticker with my name on the door. I guess it becomes someone else's dressing room or another room when I leave the show. I notice that my phone screen lit up. It was a text from Liam. It read: How's your dressing room? Mine is brilliant! I guess I'm gonna see you soon. Bye mate :) ~Liam

I text back: Yea my dressing room is amazing. Gonna see you soon. ~Nialler

I feel like i'm forgetting to do something though. I know! I have to call Millenia-Iris! Oh man, i hope she's not mad!

*Calls Millenia-Iris

"Hello?" she answers the phone.

"Millenia! Hey, it's Nialler!" I reply.

"HI Nialler!"

"I miss you so much!"

"You do? I miss you too!"

"Of course I miss you! I can't wait to see you again! I know that I'm probably not going to make the audition so I will get to see you shortly!"

"Niall, youre going to make the audition. I want you to try your hardest and sing your heart out."

"Okay. But, I just dont want to leave you behind."

"It's okay Nialler, I'll be fine. Just do what you have to do and don't let me stop you." 


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