If You Love Something, Don't Set It Free

"Letting go of something is the hardest thing to do but if there was really love, they will always come back."


22. This Is All My Fault

Niall's POV:

I wake up to the sounds of mumbling and chatter. I barely have my eyes open but I can see a few bodies pacing and walking around the room. Where am I? I try to move but it was no use. My body was so sore and achey. I look down and notice I was wearing many bandages soaked with blood and there were tubes lying over my body like drapes. I had no idea as to what is happening to me or where I am. The people in the room start speaking in a volume that is Audible to my ears as soon as they see my eyes wander around the room.

"Hello?" I ask as if trying to get one of the people's attention.

"Hello Mr.Horan." a tall man says. He had short brown hair and brown eyes. He spoke in a deep British accent.

"Umm, where the heck am I and why am I covered in blood and have all these tubes connected to my body?" I ask. I really wanted to know. This makes no sense to me.

"Well, you got into a car accident. You are at the London Hospital. We dont know how you got into the car accident but we did manage to find your phone still in the car. The screen was a little cracked but it still worked. We noticed that you were trying to contact somebody at the time of the accident. We tried to call that number, and luckily, they answered. Do you remember where you were going or why you were calling that number?" the doctor says.

"I dont remember anything at all." I say. It was true. I dont rememeber getting into a car accident. I dont remember calling anyone. I dont remember going anywhere.

Millenia-Iris' POV:

I looked at my phone which revealed 15 missed calls from Niall. I really did not want to speak to him. Not after what he did to me.

My phone started to ring again. Of course, it was Niall. I decide to answer the phone just so I can tell him to leave me alone.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Oh yes hello." I hear a deep voice say from the other end. It was a man's voice. A man with a heavy British accent. Who could this be?

"Umm. Who is this?" I ask.

'This is Dr. Cruz. I work at the London Hospital. I have called to ask you if you are a friend of Niall Horan's." he says. Niall? A friend of Niall's? Why did he need to know?

"Umm, yes I am a FRIEND of Niall's. No more than that." I say as I emphasize the 'friend' part.

"Okay. Well, I have some bad news about Niall. He has gotten into a severe car accident and is now being taken care of here at the hospital. We found his phone in the rubble of the smashed car and we saw that he was trying to call you at the time of the accident." the doctor says.

WHAT?! This couldnt be happening. But why was he in London? Was he trying to find me? But who told him where I was leaving to?

I knew he would find out and try to come after me and get me back. This is all my fault. I shouldve just stayed and forgave Niall. But no, I decided to be hard headed and leave. I was just so upset with Niall that I felt like that was the right thing to do at the time. Now, I regret it.

"Well can I visit him?" I ask frantically into the phone as tears begin to well up in my eyes.

"Of course you can. and you can bring as many people as you want. He's going to need all the company that he can get." the doctor says and with that, the conversation ended.

As soon as I hang up, I begin looking for Emily's contact in my phone and when I finally find it I quicly press the screen and my phone begins ringing.

"Hello?" I hear her voice through the speaker but it wasnt only coming from the phone. I heard her voice much closer like she was in the same room as I was. I turn around ans see Emily standing right before my eyes in the doorway of my apartment.

"Emily!? What are you doing here?!" I say as I run and give her a hug.

"I came here to make sure that Niall was okay. That you and him made up." she says. Does she know that Niall is in the hospital?

"Niall is in the hospital, Emily." I say as my tears start to fall faster down my puffy cheeks.

"What!? How did he end up there?!" she asks with bulging eyes.

"Its a long story but I dont have time to explain right now. We have to call the rest of the boys and tell them that they need to get down here as soon as they can."  I tell her and she calls Zayn. Zayn is going to tell the rest of the boys to meet us at the hospital whenever they get there.

I grab the keys to my car and Emily and I start heading off to the hospital.

Niall's POV:

"Do you remember a girl named Millenia-Iris? Do you remember anything about her? She as the one you were calling at the time of the accident." the doctor says to me.

"Should I remember her? I dont know who she is but she doesnt sound important." I say. I have no idea who or what hes talking about.

"Well maybe youll remember her when you see her." Dr.Cruz says.

"I highly doubt it."

Zayn's POV:

I just got a call from Emily and found out that Niall is in the hospital. I tell the rest of the boys and they start to freak out. Especially Harry. Niall was like his best friend and almost like a brother. We all had a strong relationship with each other but nothing topped Narry.

 We all get into the van. i didnt notice that Paul of Niall had left the studio until now. Our other bodyguard, Nick, had to drive us to the hospital. He was not one of those crazy fast drivers but he did go at a fast speed that was subtle. The car is slowly reaching its destination. I thought that the trip would be longer but we end up making it to London with time to spare.

We walk into the hospital and see Emily and Millenia waiting in a seating area. I could tell that they werent letting visitors in yet.

"Hey guys." Louis says as the girls look up at us with gloomy faces. We were all sad. We almost lost one of our best friends.

About a half an hour has gone by since we arrived here and we finally get called to be able to visit Niall. The nurse leads ud down the hall and to Niall's room. It was a little dark when we entered but the light was shining throught the windows.

I see Niall laying on the bed looking at us as if we were starngers or even allens from another planet.

Niall's POV:

I saw six strangers walk throught the doorway to my hospital room. I could see that there were four boys and two girls. Who could thses strangers be?

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