If You Love Something, Don't Set It Free

"Letting go of something is the hardest thing to do but if there was really love, they will always come back."


7. Talk

Still Niall's POV:
How could Harry do something like this?? I get back into the shower and sink down to the floor. I feel tears stream down my face.
She was mine. No one else's. Just mine and I love her with all my heart.
Millenia-Iris' POV:
What the heck just happened?! How could Harry be so ignorant as to do something like that?? I know that he has been keeping these feelings inside but he didn't have to express them the way he did. I forgive him though. I can't stay mad at him forever.
Niall comes out of the bathroom. His face is red and his eyes are puffy.
"Nialler?? What's wrong babe??" I ask concerned.
"I saw everything. Thank you for sticking up for us." He says.
"Niall, are you mad at Harry??" I ask.
"No. But he didn't need to go that far. I forgive him. He's my mate. I have to forgive and forget."
"I think you should go talk to him."
"Okay. I'll be back in a little."
Niall's POV:
I make my way across the hallway and I knock on Niall's door. I could tell that he was upset. Maybe even crying. I know how much he loved Millenia but he needed to understand that she's with me.
"Uhh. Who is it??" He asks.
"It's me Niall." I reply.
"What do you want?"
"I want to talk. That's it. I know what happened. I'm not mad."
He opens the door. I look at his face. His eyes are puffy like mine. He makes a sniffling sound. I knew he was upset.
I sit down in the little sofa that was in his room.
"Harry, how could you do that??" I ask.
"I don't know Niall. My feelings got the best of me and I just kissed her. I knew that I was going to regret it afterwards but, I just don't know why I did it." He replies.
"Harry, you do understand that she's with me right??"
"Of course I understand."
"Okay, so we can't let anything like this happen ever again. Don't worry. You will find your true love one day. She's out there somewhere. You just gotta search."
"Thanks mate." Harry says. I get up of the sofa and we give each other a brotherly hug.
"Oh, and you can't tell anyone that this happened. Ill just embarrass myself in front of them." Harry says.
"Don't worry. My lips are sealed." I say.
I leave his hotel room relieved that he understands. I enter the room and I notice that Millenia is almost asleep.
"You tired babe??" I ask her as I stroke the hair out of her face.
"Yea. I think I'm ready for bed." She replies with a smile spread across her lips.
"Okay. Oh, and don't forget that we're going shopping tomorrow. We're gonna buy some clothes for you."
"Okay. Goodnight babe. I love you." I kiss her lips gently as she smiles between it.
"Goodnight Nialler. I love you too."
I lay down next to her and she lies her head down in my bare chest. It was so peaceful. Just me and her.
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