If You Love Something, Don't Set It Free

"Letting go of something is the hardest thing to do but if there was really love, they will always come back."


8. Shopping

Millenia-Iris' POV:
I wake up to Niall nuzzling his nose on my nose. My eyes flutter up and when I look at him, I can't help but smile.
"Good morning princess." He says.
"Good morning Nialler." I reply.
He moves his face down to my lips and kisses me.
"C'mon. Harry is making breakfast. Everyone is in his hotel room."
I was only in Niall's tee and boxers but I didn't care. They were all family to me and they love me just as much as I love them.
We go into Harry's room. As soon as we opened the door, an aroma of eggs, pancakes, sausage, and bacon filled the room. I wasn't a huge fan of bacon, but it smelled so good!!
"Hey guys!!" I say.
"Hey Millenia!!" They all reply.
Niall and I grab a seat and Emily comes running up to me an drags me into the bathroom.
"We'll be right back." She says
She closes the door and looks at me with huge eyes. Those were the eyes that she made when she was super excited.
"What happened Emily?" I ask.
"Zayn asked me out!! Aaahhh!!!" She almost screams but she didn't cause she knew they would hear it outside the door.
"Are you serious??!!! Omg!! You guys are super cute together!! This is going to be an amazing year!!"
"I know right!!"
We exit the bathroom and we try to keep as calm as we can. I was so happy for her. Everyone was in a relationship except for Harry. But I know that we can find someone for him.
I make my way over and I sit on Niall's lap.
"Zayn goes out with Emily." I whisper into his ear.
Niall winks at Zayn and starts laughing. Zayn just shakes his head at me. Then I start laughing.
"Who's ready to eat?" Harry announces.
"Me!!!" Niall and I both shout at the same time.
I run over to the little kitchen part of the hotel and grab a plate. I start putting food on my plate. Niall comes up behind me and does the same while his arms are still surrounding me.
I really loved this Irish leprechaun.
We all day down at the table and started talking.
"Are you guys ready to go shopping?" Zayn asks me and Emily.
"I haven't got any money." Emily says.
"Oh don't worry love. I'm gonna pay for you." Zayn replies.
"And I'm gonna pay for Millenia." Niall says.
"Aww thank you Zayn. Anything for my lovely lady."Zayn says and winks at Emily.
Emily is blushing so hard that her cheeks are tomato red. I smirk without trying to laugh at how red her face was.
"Danielle is coming too." Liam says.
"And so is Eleanor." Louis adds in.
"Yay!!" I say.
"Okay. Well, then lets start getting ready because we have to be back here by 3:30. The concert tonight starts at 7:00 and we can't be late." Harry says.
We all head to our rooms. Niall tells me that I could take a shower and I do so.
When I come out the shower, I start freaking out because I remembered that I had no clothes!!
"Niall!!" I yell.
"Yes babe?" He asks on the other side of the door.
"I have no clothes to change into." I say.
"Yea you do. I washed your clothes this morning before you woke up."
"Oh thank you Niall, but where are they?"
"Oh, sorry. They're still over here."
"Can you bring them in? But don't look at me!!"
"Okay okay."
Niall's POV:
I grab her clothes and open the door to the bathroom. I close my eyes and hand the clothes to her. I tried to keep them closed but I couldn't. I opened my eyes.
"Niall!! I told you not to look!!" She yells.
"I know!! But your in a towel!!" I say.
"Still!!! I don't like how I look Niall. I'm self concious." She replies.
"Why?! You are so beautiful, Millz. You're more than beautiful.. You're perfect. Don't feel like you're not because then I'm going to break down. You're everything I've ever wanted. Nothing more, nothing less. I love you."
I grab her by her waist as she begins to cry and I embrace her in my arms.
"Thank you Nialler. I love you too." She says.
"Please don't cry." I wipe the tears from her face and I look into her eyes. They were beautiful blue. I had my hands on her face and I rubbed her cheek with my thumb. I press my lips to hers and she kisses back with more force then she ever has. It was magical.
"Niall, I kinda have to get dressed now." She says while laughing.
"Oh yea. Right." I say back as I laugh with her.
I go back into the room and change too.
About 20 minutes later, we are all dressed and ready to go. We just all take the same van. Danielle and Eleanor were going to meet us at the mall. Harry drove.
No ones POV:
Emily, Millenia, Danielle, and Eleanor got to know each other and they instantly clicked. The boys were stopped many times by fans but the girls didn't mind. They just kept walking and went into different stores. They didn't want to interfere with the "fan time".
Even though the boys felt bad, the girls insisted that they take pictures with their fans.
Emily and Millenia got a whole bunch of outfits. They didn't want to take advantage of Zayn and Niall's money but Niall and Zayn told them to buy anything they wanted. No matter the price.
"Ready to pay?" Niall and Zayn ask.
"Yupp." Emily and Millenia respond.
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