If You Love Something, Don't Set It Free

"Letting go of something is the hardest thing to do but if there was really love, they will always come back."


5. Seeing Each Other Again

Before I could think about it for any longer, I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn around and see Louis!!!
"Oh my gosh Louis it's really you!! I missed you so much!!" I say as I squeeze him really tight.
"I missed you too my little carrot." He replies as he squeezes me even tighter.
"Shouldn't you be on stage?!"
"Yeah, but it's not my solo yet and I have to tell you something. Niall wants to see you backstage after the concert. Oh, and so do the rest of the boys."
"Oh okay. Oh and Louis, this is Emily. Emily, this is Louis. Louis gives Emily a quick hug and tells her that she can come with me too.
.... The concert ends and Paul, their bodyguard, takes me and Emily backstage. We walk into a room and when Paul opens the door, the talking stops and all eyes are on me. Suddenly, Niall runs to me and grabs me up in a big bear hug. I embrace him in my arms as well and I feel the rest of the boys huddled around us. I tell Emily to come join but she refuses. So, Zayn scoops her up and brings her into our little group hug. I knew Emily was blushing since Zayn was her favourite.
Niall's POV:
After 2 years I finally get to hug her again! She actually here with me and the boys again! It isn't seems too good to be true but it is true! I just want us to be alone. Just me and her.
"Hey guys?? Can me and Millenia-Iris just have some alone time for a little while??" I tell the boys.
"Yeah sure mate. I'll give Emily a little tour and Louis, Harry, and Liam can just go relax."
The boys left and me and Millenia could finally be alone.
"So how are you??" I ask her.
"I'm wonderful. How have you been Nialler??" She responds.
"I'm good... Now. I'm so sorry that I haven't texted or called you in the past months but it wasn't on purpose."
"Don't worry. It's okay."
I tell her to come sit on the couch with me.
"So what do you do now?" I ask.
"Uh well. I don't really know actually. Just living my life." She replies.
"That's good.
"Niall, remember the night that you left? What was the kiss all about? What was the "I love you" all about?"
" What do you mean what was it all about? I saw you look at me when you were saying that you loved us. I wanted you to know how I feel about you. And when I kissed you on the cheek, it was because I couldn't resist. Just like I can't resist now."
I cup her face into my large hands and move close to her. My lips press onto hers and I kiss her gently. She doesn't refuse. She kisses back passionately.
Suddenly, I hear the door open and see Harry. Me and Millenia pull away from each other and act natural.
"Hey mate." I say but Harry just walks out and slams the door. What was his problem?
Anyways, I look up at Millenia and she is smiling.
" I really do love you." I tell her.
"Niall, I love you too." She responds.
I move my body closer to hers and wrap my arms around her.
"Millenia, I can't leave you again."
"But Niall, you're famous. We can't be together. I have my life and you have yours."
"But I want to be with you everyday and wake up and see your beautiful face."
"Niall, we ca-"
"I know!!! What if you come on tour with us?! You could live on the road with us and travel everywhere with us!!"
"Are you serious??!! Niall, I can't just pop along with you guys."
"All I have to do is ask the tour director and if she says yes then you'll be able to come!!"
"But what about Emily? What about my apartment?"
"Well, I could already tell that Zayn fancies Emily and you can just tell your landlord that you won't be there for a while."
"Are you sure about this Niall?"
"I'm 100% positive."
"Okay then."
"Let's go tell the others."
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