If You Love Something, Don't Set It Free

"Letting go of something is the hardest thing to do but if there was really love, they will always come back."


26. Meeting Maura Part 1

Millenia-Iris' POV:

*On the airplane back to the UK*

I can't believe that these 6 months of touring were now over. I wanted to see more of the world with Niall but unfortunatley, it couldnt happen. Now, were back to the UK. But, where am I supposed to go? Back to my tiny little flat in London away from Niall? No! I didnt want that to happen. It was too soon to be away from him for a while. I try not to think about it as I hear Niall's phone go off. He was sleeping on my shoulder and got startled by the noise.

Niall's POV:

I was super tired from the concert last night and i ended up falling asleep on Millenia's shoulder. She was so comfortable though! I wanted to stay like that for a while. Suddenly, I was awoken by the noise of my phone going off. It scared me a little bit but I quickly answered.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hi sweetheart! I missed you so much!" I hear a familiar voice say into the phone.

"Mum? Mum! I missed you more! How've you been?" I say. I missed her a lot and I really couldnt wait to get to Mullingar tomorrow to see her.

"I've been great but there seems to be one thing missing besides seeing you." She says. What did she mean?

"What do you mean mum?" I say confused

"I havent met your girlfriend yet!"

I get up and make my way to a seperate part of the plane by the bathroom that was available to all passengers to just hang out at. Luckily, there was nobody else there and I could continue my conversation with my mum.

"Oh yeah! I guess my head was so focused on the tour that I forgot that I havent taken Millenia to meet you yet!" I say. Dang it, I cant believe that I forgot.

"I'm going to see you tomorrow right?"


"Bring Millenia with you. I really want to meet her. She looks like such a sweet girl." Mum says.

'You'll love her so much. I know I do."

"Okay love. I have to go but ill see you and Millenia tomorrow. I love you Niall. Bye."

"Bye Mum." I reply as we both hang up the phone.

I make my way back to my seat and tell Mill the great news.

"Who was that?" she asks as i sit back down.

"It was my mum, Maura. And guess what?" I say.


"She wants to meet you!"

"Really? I'd love to meet her too! When can I meet her?" she asks although I could tell that she was going to be nervous.

"Well, tomorrow I'm going to visit my mum in our old house in Mullingar for a few days and I'd like you to come with me." I tell her.

"I'd love to go Niall! I cant wait!"

I was so relieved that she was excited to go to Mullingar and meet my mom. I know that Greg will be around. As my older brother, he is a little protective over me so he always comes around when I come back from my tours. The next few days were going to be great. I know my mum will love Millenia and so will Greg. If only my dad was still around, he would've been excited to meet her too.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Finally, back in the UK. The weather was freezing, since it was January, but I didnt care. I was too happy to be home to care about what the weather was like. As we are loading our stuff into the van, I wrap my arms around Millenia. She was shivering and I felt bad that she was cold.

The boys and I were all going to be staying at different places in the UK for a few weeks until we have to meet up to work more on the new album. Millenia and I were going to stay in Mullingar for a few days and then go to my flat in Dublin. Harry and Kelyce were going to stay in London at his flat, but only if her parents let her. Liam and Danielle were going to stay at Liam's flat in Wolverhampton. Louis and Eleanor were also going to stay in London. And Zayn and Emily were staying at Zayn's flat in Bradford.

I lead Millenia into the van and we were on our way to our hotel until the morning so that we can drive to Mullingar.

*4 Hours Later*

We got to the hotel but I noticed that Millenia had fallen asleep with her head on my lap. She looked so cute. I didnt want to wake her up but i had no other choice.

"Hey babe. You gotta get up. We're at the hotel." I coo into her ear as I gently shake her.

She just moans and takes her head off of my lap.  I grab our bags out of the boot of the van and Austin leads us into the hotel and gets our key.

When we finally got in the room, put our bags away,and changed into some comfortable clothes to sleep in, it was about 2 am. I was so tired that I couldnt even balance to change my pants. Millenia and I decided to call it a night and fall asleep with no hesitation. I was about to pass out when I remembered that I didnt give Millenia her goodnight kiss. I quickly hovered over her face as I watched her chest fall and rise slowly. I stroked her cheek as I moved the loose hair from her face. I planted my lips to her forehead and whispered "goodnight" in her ear. I wish that she was awake so that i couldve kissed her soft lips instead.



I woke up this morning with satisfaction. I had a goodnight's sleep. I was finally back near home but my heart still ached from not being able to travel.

I looked over at the clock on the night stand and it read 12:00 pm! Had i really slept that long?! I look over to my left and see Niall sleeping like a little baby. He was the cutest thing ever when he slept. He breathed softly and his blonde locks were messy yet sexy. I look at his lips which were calling my name. They wanted me to kiss them. I move closer and gently press my lips to his as his eyes flutter open.

"Goodmorning babe." He says in his raspy morning voice.

"Goodmorning." I say.

"Did you sleep well?" He asks me.

"I slept great but guess what?" I say.

"What?" he says with a confused expression.

"Its 12 o clock!" I say as I point to the clock.

"Geez. We slept for a long time!" he says chuckling.

"Yea, but dont we have to head to Mullingar?!" I say as my eyebrows furrow.

"Oh shoot!" He says as he hops out of bed. "It takes an hour to get there and my mom wants us there before 5 so we should start getting ready now. Do you want to take a shower or do you want me to go first?'

"You go first. I'll start picking out my clothes. I have to dress to impress." I say.

"Okay, but FYI, shes going to love you no matter what. I guarentee it."And with that, he was off into the bathroom to shower.

I was beggining to become very nervous. I wasnt good at meeting new people but once I meet them, I always end up getting really comfortable.

Niall came out the bathroom with the towel wrapped around his waist while his upper half still showed. He still had some water that left little droplets on his chest. I had to admit it, I had the sexiest man on earth as my boyfriend and I SO proud to say it.

"You can go now babe." NIall says and I grab my towel and clothes. "You know, you dont have to change in the bathroom, you can change in here."

"Yeah right! Youre so naughty!" I say as I begin to laugh then I finally go into the bathroom.

When I got out the shower I dryed myself off quickly and checked over my outfit quickly before putting it on. I wore floral pants that were white with red and blue flowers, a white and navy blue striped shirt and a red blazer, and then I wore my sparkly white heels. I curled my hair which now fell to my lower back. I loved it long and Niall did too. My makeup consisted of red lipstick and some blue eye shadow and black eyeliner. I was all set and ready to meet Maura.

I walked out the bathroom and back into the room where i noticed it was all clean.

"Did you clean up?" I asked Niall.

"The more important question is, Why do you look so dang sexy?" He says.

"I should be asking you the same question Mr." I say. He wore some black pants that fell perfectly into his white Supras and his white collared shirt fit just right around his upper half and torso.

He makes his way over smirking as he grabs my waist. He puts his face closer to mine, his lips almost touching mine. I lay my finger on his lips.

"Ah ah ah. No smudging the makeup." I say.

"Dang it. i was hoping to get some kisses in before we get to Mullingar because I know how my mum is and she will keep us busy the whole time. We will probably only get a little bit of time alone." he says as he makes a little sad face. He looked like a sad puppy.

"Oh Okay. You can kiss me but not too hard because your lips are going to end up stained red after!" I say and he cups my face into his warm hands and kisses me softly .

I made the kiss last less than it shouldve but i didnt want to look bad when i met Maura. i had to look nice and having red lipstick all over my  face isnt my idea of presentable.

Niall and I grabbed our bags and meet Austin outside. I think I was ready for the hour long drive to come and the nervewracking introduction to Niall's mum. I'm really nervous now but Niall grabs my hand and doesnt let go.

"Dont worry. Like i said, shes going to love you just as much as i love you. I probably love you more though." Niall says. I trust him. I think I'm just over reacting




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