If You Love Something, Don't Set It Free

"Letting go of something is the hardest thing to do but if there was really love, they will always come back."


28. Marvelous Mullingar


Niall's POV:

My nose began to scrunch up at the aroma that filled the room. It was the smell of freshly cooked eggs and bacon with sausage. I truly missed my mom's homecooked meals and I certainly couldnt wait to get my hands on this delicious food.

I see Millenia is still sleeping and i didnt want to leave her up here by herself so I decided to wake her up. I nudged her a bit and cooed in her ear.

"Goodmorning babe." I say.

"Morning." She says with a bright smile. "Whats that smell? Its making my stomach growl."

"My mum is making breakfast. Want some?"

"Heck yeah I want some! I havent had a homecooked meal in months!" she replies with wide eyes.

We go down the hallway and into the bathroom to brush our teeth and freshen up a bit before heading downstairs. By then, my mouth was watering.

Once we got to the kitchen, my mom was frying some bacon and sausages and preparing the eggs as extra food because she knew how big my appetite was. She also knew that Greg ate more then i did so thats even MORE food to make.

"Goodmorning loves." My mom says once we enter the kitchen. She hugs and plants a sweet kiss on our cheeks.

"Goodmorning mum." I say

"Goodmorning Mrs.Horan." Millenia says.

"Would you guys like some breakfast?"

"Mum, you dont even have to ask. My mouth was watering ever since I woke up." I say.

"Oh good then. Serve Millenia too. Be a gentleman." Mum says while putting her arm around Millenia.

"Oh dont worry, Maura. Niall is a gentleman. Youve raised a very well trained son. He is also very respectful of me." Millenia says to my mum as I begin to blush.

"Thank you Millenia. I really hoped that my son would turn out well."

I brought the plates to the table and Mum served herself as well and joined me and Millenia in our breakfast chat.

"So do you like the new bed, Niall?" Mum asks me. I forgot to ask her about that.

"Oh yes. I love it. But you didnt have to go on and buy me a new bed. I wouldve been fine sleeping in the old one." I say. It was true. My mom spends too much on me and half of the time, I'm not even home so it doesnt get used a lot.

"Well, you know....umm.. you do have Millenia and...you know... it wouldnt be big enough if you know....." Mum says.

"MUM!" I say a bit embaressed. I look at Millenia whose face turned red with embaressment.

"Niall, you are 19 and Millenia is 18. People your age do certain things and I just thought that you might need a bigger bed. Thats all!" She replies. Great, now she thinks that me and Millenia are the type of teens that are always doing "it".Im only gonna do "it" when Millenia is ready. I respect her way too much to take away her innocence.

"Okay okay! Thank you mom for the bed. I appreciate it."

I wondered where Greg was. Millenia and I wash our dishes to help out my mom and head back upstairs to go find Greg. I knock on his door and he lets us in.

"Hey Greg." I say

"Hey Niall. Are you guys going to get ready?" he asks.

"What do you mean?" I say as my eyebrows furrow.

"Mom didnt tell you? Were going to downtown today. Were gonna do a bit of shopping and show Millenia around Mullingar." he replies.

Millenia's eyes light up. She was really excited at the thought of being able to explore my hometown.

"Oh okay. Well we'll be ready in like 45 minutes." I say and Greg nods.

*45 Minutes later*

Millenia's POV:

Niall and I were ready to go. I wore a loose white top with navy blue skinny jeans and white toms. I wore a navy blue beanie on top of my loose curls. My face was only a bit covered up with makeup. Nothing out of the ordinary. Niall wore jeans and a white polo. His white supras matched perfectly. He pushed his blonde hair up into a quiff and he looked HOT! Maura looked beautiful and Greg looked handsome. We were ready to explore Mullingar. We all grab our coats and head to the car.

Our first stop was a little shop in downtown. They had cute clothes for me and the perfect colors too. Niall said I could pick out anything. I wanted to buy it myself but that wasnt going to happen. Niall thinks that he HAS to spoil me but thats not true.

I pick out some sweatpants that looked like hammer pants. I saw that they had the same ones for men so I told Niall that me and him should get matching pants. He loved the idea and picked out the color for us. We ended up getting gray and then we got matching shirts too. The shirts were his idea. My shirt had Minnie Mouse that was blowing a kiss to her right. Niall had a shirt that had Mickey blowing a kiss to the left. When we stand next to each other, it looks like Minnie and MIckey are blowing kisses to each other. They were so cute!

Next, we headed into a small mall. It wasnt as big as the Dublin Mall but it had a good amount of stores. Me and Niall bought some clothes and shoes and some other stuff.

Maura wanted to take the time to get to know me better so she said that she was going to take me to a little cafe close by while Greg and Niall stayed in the mall. We wouldnt be away long. Just for about a half an hour to 45 minutes tops.

Maura and I left the mall and took a turn down the street. She led me to a mini building that had a sign that read: 'Marvelous Mullingar.' That was a cute name for the little cafe. It was clever.

Maura opened the door for me and let me in first. We ordered a few biscuits and some tea. It was so good. Even though Mullingar was very small, it sure had a lot of potential.

"So, sweetheart, where are you from?" Maura asks me.

"Well I was born in London and I'm from there." I reply.

"Okay. So have you gone to college?"

"I'm thinking about it. I might not have time to because of the touring but Niall's tutors, that come around the world with us, said that they could probably teach me what I need to know."

"Oh wow. Thats good." She replies. "So you really love Niall dont you?"

"Oh yes. More than you can imagine. He is so sweet and kind and handsome. He understands me more than anyone else can. He's a special boy that has a special place in my heart." I say. I almost begin to cry but I didnt want to in front of her.

"I can tell that he loves you too. Just by the way he looks at you and respects and cares for you.  I really hope that you two get married and have a wonderful family in the future because I cant imagine him with anyone else."

"I really hope so too." I say.

Maura and I decide to head back to the mall to go get Niall and Greg. It was really nice to get to talk to Maura more and to let her get to know me better. She liked me more than I thought she would and I am relieved at that.


It was now getting late by the time we finished all of our shopping and walking around. Maura decided that we should start heading back home. We walked back to the parking lot where Maura's car stood and Greg grabbed the keys and started the ignition. We blasted the heat as much as we could due to the cold temperature of the outside. Niall and I were in the backseat while Greg drove and Maura sat in the passenger seat. Niall wrapped his arms around me and embraced me into his warmth. I was so comfortable that I almost fell asleep on the way back home.


Harry's POV:

*Back at his flat in London*

"Goodmorning babe." I coo into Kelyce's air as she begins to move a bit under the bed sheets.

"Goodmorning handsome." She says as she flutters her eyes open.

"Ready for today?" I ask her.

She furrows her eyebrows at my question.

"Whats today?" she asks.

"Well, today I am going to ask her dad if you could move in with me. I know that its going to be tough to convince him but I think that he might. And when I say MIGHT, it doesnt mean that I am 100% positive." I reply.

I really wanted Daniel to say yes and allow his daughter to move in with me. I did understand that she was his only daugher and he loves her very much but I also love her and I cant live without her. She had the other half of my heart and without her, I couldnt survive.

Kelyce and I eat breakfast and get ready to head to Central London to her house. It was now or never. It was either yes or no.

*Kelyce's house*

I knock on the door with Kelyce by my side. She grabs my hand as she sees it shaking. I look down at her and smile. She always knew how to make me feel better.

"Dont be so nervous Harry." She says and then her dad answers the door.

"Kelyce!" Daniel says as he embraces his little princess in his arms. "I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too daddy!" She says.

"Hello Harry." He says as I extend my hand and he shakes it.

"Hello sir." I reply as he leads us in the house.

"Where's mom?" Kelyce asks.

"Oh, shes at work. She wont be back for another 5 hours so I'm just here cleaning up a bit." Daniel says.

"Oh okay."

"So what brings you guys down here?" Daniel asks. He could tell that we want to talk to him about something.

"Well, sir, I want Kelyce to move into my flat with me. Its here in London and its not that far away! I love her so much and I will take good care of her and-" I was suddenly cut off.

"No. She is not going to move in with you. She is only 18 and still has a whole career ahead of her. Anyways, she's not married to you, therefore, you guys do not need to live together.I havent seen my daughter in six months due to your touring and I want to catch up on that missed time. I understand that you love her but I cant fully trust you yet Harry. Im sorry." He says.

Right then and there, my heart was shattered. It wasnt fair. I loved Kelyce way too much and now I was only going to see her a few times a week. And thats only if her father lets me take her out.

I look at Kelyce whose eyes began to fill with tears.

"Babe, dont cry okay. I will try my best to come see you everyday. Just because we dont live together doesnt mean that I will forget about you. I love you." I say as I embrace her in a tight hug.

Daniel just stands there watching over us. Does he not trust me anymore? Does he just think that I'm an irresponsible kid? I dont know, but whatever it was, I was going to prove him wrong.

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