If You Love Something, Don't Set It Free

"Letting go of something is the hardest thing to do but if there was really love, they will always come back."


11. Lunch date

Harry's POV:

*9:30 am*

I woke up this morning in such a great mood. Last night was amazing and I met the most beautiful girl. Even though Millenia was my first real crush, I got over it because now I was really in love with Kelyce. She was amazing.

I text her and remind her about our lunch rendezvous. 

Good Morning babe. Ready for later? :) -H x

About 3 minutes later she replied: I am super excited!! Can't wait to see you <3 -Kelyce

See you at 12 - Hx :)

I hopped in the shower. I wanted to look really nice for Kelyce. She was something special to me. She really opened my eyes on love at first sight. I was always really skeptical about love and that's why I experimented on so many girls, but I know that she's the one for me.

Kelyce's POV:

I have a few hours to get ready. I just decide to watch some TV. I put on the morning news and to my surprise, a story on One Direction was on but something caught my eye. There was a picture of me, Emily, Millenia, Danielle, Eleanor, and the boys on the TV!! It was one of the pictures that I put on Twitter from last night !! "So, can this be?! One Direction is taken?!" The news reporter says to the camera. "Join us after the break for more details on the British-Irish boyband and their new lovers."

Wow. Did it really have to go on the news?! It's not that big of a deal. Okay, maybe it is. One Direction is taken. Completely taken. And I am one of those lucky girls. I have the best boyfriend in the world. But out of all the girls that were in the crowd last night, why did Harry choose me? I was nothing special. Why me?

Two hours had passed and I had just finished getting ready. I wore some floral skinnies, a high-low shirt, white heels (to reach Harry's height), and I curled my hair. I was ready to go but it was only 11:30.

Harry's POV:

I was ready. I wore a white tee, black skinnies, and my white converse. I looked at the time and it was 11:30. I had a half an hour til the date. I decided to stop my the nearest floral shop and but Kelyce some flowers. I got her a bouquet of roses mixed with other types of flowers.

I texted her: Where do you want me to pick you up, love? -H


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