If You Love Something, Don't Set It Free

"Letting go of something is the hardest thing to do but if there was really love, they will always come back."


9. In The Crowd

Niall's POV:
*Back at the hotel*
It's about 2:45. We came back a bit early from the mall. We dropped off Emily and Millenia's clothes at the hotel and me and the boys decided that we should go to get lunch.
Millenia-Iris, Emily, Eleanor, and Danielle stayed at the hotel. They wanted to have their "girly girl time"....?? Anyways, even though I didn't want to leave her, I respected that she wanted to stay and I left with the boys. We were just gonna go down the street and get some McDonalds for everyone. But as soon as we came back, we had to eat really quick and start getting ready for the concert.
Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and I went back into the van and drove off to get lunch.
Millenia-Iris' POV:
I didn't want Niall to leave me but I didn't want to sound like a baby either. Anyways, ill be fine. I'm with the 3 best girls in the world.
"So, Millz... How's it going with you and Niall??" Eleanor asks me.
"Umm.. It's going really well. I'm so happy that I finally got to see Niall again and that we are together." I reply.
"I can tell that he loves you a lot. The way he looks at you, it's like the way he looks at food." We all start cracking up. Niall did LOVE his food.
"And how about you Emily, how are you and Zayn?" Danielle asks Emily.
"We're great. He's super sweet and super romantic. Oh, and super hot!!" Emily says.
We laugh again.
"So have long have you been dating Louis and how long have you been dating Liam?" I ask both of them.
"Liam and I have been dating for two years. Off and on." Danielle says.
"And Louis and I have been dating for 9 months." Eleanor says.
"Wow." Emily says.
" I definetley ship Payzer and Elounor!!" Emily says.
"Aww thank you." Both Eleanor and Danielle say.
We started talking more about life and stuff. The boys finally came back about 20 minutes later.
"Who's ready to eat?!" Louis yells while the boys run into the room with bags full of our lunch.
"Me!!!" We all say.
We all sit down at Harry's table since we were in his room when the boys left and its just usually where we eat. I don't really know why though. Anyways, we all start chowing down. It was so good. I loved McDonalds and I could tell that Niall would probably marry it.
"I'm still hungry!!" Niall complains.
"Niall, you just ate three quarter pounds and two medium fries!! I think your full." I say with a shocked look on my face.
"Whatever." He says and kissese on my nose.
"Alright, it's 3:15!! We have to start changing to head off to the arena for tonight." Liam says.
"Oh snap!! Liam's right. C'mon guys, we have to get ready." Harry says.
We throw away our trash and head into our rooms.
I looked through my new outfits but couldn't decide what to wear.
"Niall, what should I wear?? My high-low dress with heels or my skinny jeans, 1D sweatshirt, and supras??" I ask him.
"Definetley the jeans and supras. You k ow how I love my Supras. And you gotta rep 1D." Niall replies.
"Yess!!" I say as we both laugh.
Niall and I both change. He just dressed casual since he's going to be changing into his outfit for the concert when we get to the arena. On the other hand, I have to dress up nice since I'm not changing later. I put on my 1D hoodie, my skinny jeans, and my Supras. I straighten my hair but still try to make it wavy. My makeup is light. Niall doesn't like it when I wear makeup.
"You ready to go, babe??" Nialler asks me.
"Mhm." I reply.
We go knock on everyone else's doors and they are all ready.
"Okay, let's go." Liam says.
*At the arena*
This arena was no where near the size as the one from last night. This one was massive. When we enter, I see a whole bunch of people greeting the boys and wishing them good luck tonight.
"Boys, start heading to your dressing rooms. The show starts in 2 hours!! Chop chop." Their manager says.
"C'mon Millz. We're going to my dressing room." Niall says as he pulls on my arm like a little kid.
"Okay. Hold on. I have to tell Emily something." I reply.
I make my way over to Emily.
"I'll see you in a little while, Em." I say.
"Okay." She replies.
Niall holds out his hand and I take it. He brings me through crowds of people and tons of hallways until we finally reach his dressing room. On the door it read: One Direction- Niall Horan.
"Oooo. Fancy Shmancy." I say.
Niall begins to laugh and kisses me on the cheek. He opens the door and welcomes me in.
"This is my dressing room." Niall says.
"It's nice." I say.
I sit on the sofa that was in the room. It was very comfortable.
"Like my outfit for tonight?" Niall asks while holding up some clothes on a hanger.
"It's awesome." I say.
He had a red shirt with rhinestones on it, black pants, a black vest, and white Supras.
He started to get undressed. I love how he feels comfortable changing in front of me.
"Nice legs, Mr. Tidey Widies." I can't help but laughing.
"Hey, these legs belong to THE beautiful Niall Horan." He says.
We both start laughing.
Next, he takes off his shirt. He had a six pack!! I didn't notice it last night!! He has a six pack!!
I was just staring straight as his body probably drooling with my mouth open.
"Millz, babe, close your mouth. You're going to catch flies." He says as he looks at me with a smirk.
He finally finished changing and we headed off to hair and makeup. When that was all done, we went and met up with the rest of the boys and girls.
"You guys look amazing!!" Eleanor says.
"Thanks." The boys say.
Harry's POV:
It was concert time. I was still pretty bummed out about what happened yesterday but I had to get over it. Me and the boys went under the stage while the girls went backstage.
When we got on stage, the fans went crazy. That was probably the loudest reaction we ever got!! It was an amazing feeling and it broughte to a happy mood. As the boys are talking to the crowd, I look around in the audience, as I always do. But, something stopped me. A face. A beautiful face. I smiled at her and she smiled back. She had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She was actually in the front row too!! She was gorgeous. I just stood there staring at her but something interrupted me.
"Harry!!! Earth to Harry!!!" Zayn says.
"Oh oh. Sorry guys. Just zoning out but I can still sing!! Who's ready for a little song that we like to call What Makes You Beautiful??!!" I speak into the microphone.
The crowd goes wild.
"You're insecure. Don't know what for. You're turning heads when you walk through the do o or....." Liam begins to sing.
It's my solo now. I look straight at the beautiful girl in the crowd and sing my solo..."Baby, you light up my world like nobody else. The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed. But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell you don't know, you don't know you're beautiful."
She begins to blush and looks at the ground.
I had to make her mine. She was going to be mine.
*The concert ends*
The concert may be over but we still have to sign autographs, take pictures, and talk to the fans that got VIP passes. It's really fun to get to meet our fans.
Millenia, Emily, Eleanor, and Danielle are sitting on a couch across the room just talking as we meet each of our fans.
A group of three girls walk in. They have huge smiles on their faces. We give them a hug and sign autographs for them. We also asked what their names were and where they were from. They were so sweet. But, all I could think about was that girl. That beautiful, gorgeous girl that I laid eyes on tonight.
My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of the door opening and closing. I look at the group of fis that walked in..... Wait a second. That girl was in that group. She was here actually standing in front of me. She asks for hugs. We all get up and give all of them hugs. Once it's my turn, she blushes and hugs me.
"So what's your name??" I ask her.
"My name is Kelyce." She replies. She was a bit shy.
"That's a beautiful name. It also belongs to a beautiful girl."
"Thank you." She started to really blush.
"So, would you like to go out to lunch with me sometime?" I ask her.
"Really?? I'd love to, Harry." She replies with such excitement.
"Okay, here's my number. Text me tonight."
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