If You Love Something, Don't Set It Free

"Letting go of something is the hardest thing to do but if there was really love, they will always come back."


10. Harry's Special Girl

Millenia-Iris' POV:
I noticed that Harry was looking at one of the fans with such a seductive face. I could tell that he really liked her. That's the face he made whenever he had a crush on someone. Ooo. Harry's in love with a fan!! I see him give her a piece of paper. Omg!! I'm so happy for him!! See, me and Niall knew that he would find another girl.
"So who are they?" I hear the girl ask Harry.
"Oh well that's Millenia-Iris, Niall's girlfriend, and Emily, Zayn's girlfriend. And I'm sure you already know that she is Danielle and she is Eleanor." Harry replies.
"Omg. They are so pretty. And yes, I know Danielle and Eleanor." The girl replies. "Can I meet them?"
"Of course!" Harry says as he walks the girl over towards us.
"Hey girls! This is Kelyce. She's umm, my girlfriend." Harry says.
Kelyce's face lights up with a huge smile.
"Hi, I'm Kelyce." She says to us.
"Hi, I'm Millenia-Iris."
"Hello, I'm Danielle."
"Hi, I'm Eleanor."
"Hey, I'm Emily."
"It's so awesome to meet you guys!" Kelyce says.
"It's awesome to meet you too." All us girls reply.
"Can I get a picture of you four and the boys with me all together?" She asks us.
"Of course, love." Niall says.
She takes out her phone and we all huddle into a group.
"Smile!!!" Louis says.
We all smile.
"Silly faces!!" Liam says.
We took about 10 pictures.
"Is it okay if I put these on Twitter?" She asks us.
"Yea!!" I want everyone to know that One Direction is officially taken." Zayn says.
We all begin to laugh.
"And if you guys get hate mail, we'll just tell our fans that they need to accept the fact that we are in love and they can't change that." Niall says.
The 3 girls left. More fans came and then we started to get ready to leave.
Harry's POV:
Kelyce. Kelyce. Kelyce. The name kept repeating in my head. She was perfect. Her dark brown eyes. Her dark brown hair. Her legs. Her smile. The way she blushes. She was just too adorable.
When we got back to the hotel, I jumped into the shower and put on just my underwear. It's how I slept.
I looked at my phone. I had a text.
Hi!! It's Kelyce. :) -Kelyce
I was so happy.
I reply: Hi babe. :) -Harry
I save her number into my contact and put "My Princess <3" as her contact name.
Kelyce's POV:
Am I dreaming?? This morning I was so excited to be going to a One Direction concert. I go to the concert with VIP passes, Harry stares at me with his seductive face the whole time, I meet the boys and their girlfriends, Harry gives me his number and says I'm his girlfriend, and now I'm texting him. I'm texting HARRY STYLES!! This is crazy.
He was my favorite out of One Direction too but why would he fall for me?? Out of all the girls in the arena that he could've chose from, he chooses me. It's weird to think about.
I save his number into my contacts. I put his contact name as "Hazza <3".
We stayed up the whole night texting and he even called me too. He explained to me why he chose me.
"It's because you're you. You're beautiful, sweet, shy, gorgeous, loving, funny, sensitive, caring, loveable, pretty, and did I mention that you're everything ive ever wanted?" He says.
I started to cry. Every relationship that I've been in had always ended badly. Boys cheated on me, abused me, and just flatly broke my heart. But not this time. There was something about Harry that allowed me to trust that he wasn't going to be like my exes. That he would love me with all his heart and protect me.
"Why are you crying, babe?" He asks me. He sounded so worried.
"Because. None of my relationships ever ended well and now I see you and I know that I have nothing to worry about." I reply.
"Don't worry Kelyce. I will love you forever and always. You're my princess now and as your prince, it is my job to protect you and that's exactly what I'm going to do."
"Thank you Harry."
"You don't have to thank me. It's my job to make you happy."
I smile.
"Harry, it's really late. I have to go to bed. I have to get enough sleep for our lunch date tomorrow!!" I say.
"Okay, bye babe. I'll pick you up at 12:00."
"Okay bye."
Millenia-Iris' POV:
It was really late but I decided to check Niall's Twitter. I saw that Kelyce put up the pictures that we all took.
The caption read:"Had an awesome day here in London with @onedirection and their girlfriends. They are so beautiful!! Oh and Harry's taken now. *wink wink* lol One Direction is now officially taken!!"
I looked at the comments. There was actually no hateful or rude things. Some comments read: "You guys are so amazing and beautiful!!"
"I'm so jealous!!"
"The boys really know how to pick out girlfriends."
I called Niall over. He had just came out the shower.
"Niall, come look at this. There were no hateful comments on the pictures of all of us today!" I say.
"That's good!! I knew the fans would love you guys." He says. "Tomorrow at the concert I'm going to thank all the fans for supporting us and our love life."
"Okay. Well goodnight Nialler. I'm really tired."
"Goodnight babe." He kisses my nose and then my lips. "I love you so much."
"I love you more." I say jokingly.
"Oh heck no, I love you MORE!!" he replies.
"Whatever Niall." I say as Iaugh.
Niall wraps his arms around my stomach and we fall asleep.
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