If You Love Something, Don't Set It Free

"Letting go of something is the hardest thing to do but if there was really love, they will always come back."


6. Harry?

Millenia-Iris' POV:
Niall and I go tell the others about Niall's idea of me joining them on tour.
"Do you really want to come?" Liam asks.
"Of course I do! You guys are my mates and I don't want you guys to leave me again." I reply.
"Are you sure that you want to come too?" Zayn asks Emily with a cheeky grin. I could so tell that he likes her.
"I'd love to come." She says as she winks at Zayn. Their both blushing.
"So it's settled. We're all on the same page but now we just have to ask the tour director. I'm scared that she will say no but she's really nice." Niall says.
"So lets go!!" Louis replies.
We all go down the hall and into a room. Niall said that this was the room where all the important people besides them stayed. When we walked in, there was a lady sitting talking to some other people. She had a huge smile on her face when the boys walked in.
"Hello Hannah!" Louis says.
"Hello boys! Who are these young ladies?" She replies.
"This is Millenia-Iris and this is Emily." Zayn introduces us.
"Nice to meet you ladies." Hannah says.
"Umm we want to know if they can come on tour with us. They are really good friends of ours and we haven't seen Millenia-Iris in 2 years. We had to leave her when we auditioned for the XFactor and-" Liam says but he is cut off.
"Say no more. Of course they can come! I understand you completely. When I became a tour manager, I had to leave my family and I only get to see them for holidays. And you guys are good lads and I want you guys to be happy." She says.
"Thank you so much!!" Niall gives Hannah a hug and we just all join in.
I can't believe it. I'm going to be touring the world with 6 of my best friends. It's going to be amazing!
Harry's POV:
I'm really happy that Millenia- Iris and her friend are coming with us on tour but I can't believe that Niall took her as her own. I love Millenia so much. Ever since we met, I've had a crush on her but I always knew that she had feelings for Niall and that Niall liked her back. When I saw them kissing, I just lost it. It's not fair. I want her and I plan to get her but I can't do that to Niall. He's my mate. It would crush him.
Niall's POV:
It's finally going to happen. I can be with Millenia! I love her so much!! This is going to be perfect! But tomorrow I'm going to take her to the shopping mall to get some clothes and Zayn is going to join us and take Emily. I'm pretty sure that he likes her.
I just noticed something, I never officially asked Millenia out. I need to right now!
I see her standing against the wall checking out the pictures from the previous celebrities that performed at this arena. I make my way over to her and I grab her by her waist and pull her close to me.
"So, since we love each other so much, you wanna be my girlfriend?" I sounded so stupid. Why did I say it like that?!
"That has got to be the cheesiest pick up line I have ever heard." She says while laughing. "But yes, I will be your girlfriend, Nialler."
"I love you to the moon and back." I whisper in her ear.
"I love you too."
It was getting really late and we had to get back to the hotel.
"Hey, guess what?" I say to Millenia- Iris.
"What?" She says with a confused look.
"Tonight is going to be the first night ,out of the may that are to come, that you get to spend the night."
"Yay!! I loved it when you guys used to sleepover or when I used to sleep over your guys' house."
"I know right! So, we have to start heading back to the hotel. Lets go get the rest of the group."
We gathered up the rest of the group an our stuff and headed into the car. We had to take vans to get to the hotel. In one van, it was me, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Emily, and the driver and in the other van it was Liam, Louis, their driver, and the background musicians from the concert.
Harry's POV:
I was forced to sit on the back seat where Niall and Millenia-Iris were in front of me. All I could see was them cuddling and giggling and smiling with each other. It sickened me. Millenia was supposed to be mine. I've always had a crush on her and I really need to tell her how I feel before their relationship becomes too serious.
Niall's POV:
We arrived at the hotel. I was so excited to be able to cuddle with Millenia. I couldn't wait for us to just be alone. Alone at last. After the past years that I haven't seen her. It's going to be amazing.
We go into the lift and up to Floor 12 . It was the penthouse.
"A penthouse?!" She says with excitement.
"Yea babe. This is where we will be staying for the next few days that we are in the UK." I reply.
"This is amazing. Where do we go next on the tour?"
"We're going to America."
"I've always wanted to go there!! I can't wait."
She was so adorable when she gets excited. I have her a small peck on the cheeks and she smiled. I must have looked like an idiot because I smiled so big back at her.
We headed into my room. Mine was next to Liam's and Danielle's.
"Oh and don't worry. You and Emily won't be the only girls here. There's also Danielle, Liam's girlfriend, and Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend." I say.
"Yay!! But I wouldn't mind if Emily and I were the only girls. Speaking of Emily, where is she??" She asks.
"Oh don't worry. Zayn will take good care of her. If you know what I mean." I say giving her a wink.
We both start cracking up. My jokes were corny but she loved them anyways.
"So do you wanna get changed??" I ask her.
"I don't have any clothes Niall." She replies.
"Don't worry love. You can borrow some if mine."
"Do they have your scent on them??"
"Then I definitely want to wear them!!"
I give her a white tee and a pair of boxers.
"Don't look!!" She says as she changes.
"Okay. I won't!!" I say while covering my face with my hands but I take a few peeks through my fingers. I couldn't resist.
"Okay. Done."
"Okay babe, I gotta go take a shower. I'm all sweaty and stuff from the concert and I don't want you to sleep with a smelly Nialler. You can watch some tv if you'd like."
"Okay." She says while blushing.
Harry's POV:
I hear the shower turn on from across the hall. I knew it was Niall because he showers after each concert. I also knew that if he was in the shower, Millenia was alone in the room. I open my door and cross the hallway. I knock on the door.
"Who is it?" Millenia asks from the other side.
"It's Harry." I reply.
She opens the door and I walk in. She wrapped in a huge hug.
"Oh my gosh Harry. I missed you so much!!" She says.
"Really?! I missed you too!!"
"Come sit."
Right now is the moment where I tell her. I have to tell her that I love her.
"Hey, Millenia??"
"Yes Harry?"
"I love you. And not just as a best friend. I love you beyond that. I'm so jealous of Niall that he gets to you his. I want you Millenia. I want you to be mine."
"But Harry-"
I cut her off. I cup her face into my hands and I press my lips to hers.
Niall's POV:
I stepped out if the shower to check on Millenia. I open the door just a crack. But wait... What the heck?! She's kissing Harry!! Or Harry's kissing her!!!
"Harry!!! What are you doing??!! I'm with Niall!! I love you too but just as a brother!! Please just understand that we can never be together. I'm sorry Harry." Millenia says.
"It's okay. I have to go. I'm really sorry. I made a stupid mistake." Harry says and he leaves the room.
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