If You Love Something, Don't Set It Free

"Letting go of something is the hardest thing to do but if there was really love, they will always come back."


21. Black

Emily's POV:

Niall didnt mean to hurt Millenia. It wasnt his fault. That girl just mustve been a crazed fan. Millenia needs to know the truth. I cant see my best friend hurt like this.

"So are you gonna go to London?" I ask him just wondering if he was actually man enough to go after her.

"Yes. I have to. Shes my everything. Wouldnt you go after Zayn if you were in my shoes?" he says.

I think about it. I would go after Zayn. Zayn was my everything as well. I loved him just as much as he loves me. NOw i really understand how Niall feels. Losing your love like that isnt a good thing and he needs to fix this problem before its too late.

"Yea I would. But when are you going?" I ask.

"Now." he says and he grabs his jacket and exits the room.

"But how are you gonna get there?!" I yell down the hall.

"Dont worry." he yells back.

Niall's POV:

How could I win Millenia-Iris back? I know she will never forgive me but maybe if I tell her what honestly happened will she forgive me? Theres nothing going on betwwen that girl and I and I really love Millenia. Without her, my life is empty and not as happy.

I look for Zayn's car in the hotel parking lot. His car was the closest one to the entrance of the building. I didnt care that he would probably kill me for taking his car without asking, I just needed some sort of transportation that would take me to Millenia fast. I get in the car and start the ignition.

I try to call her as I'm driving. She wont answer. I keep calling and calling. No answer.

My eyes werent paying attention to the road, my mind was locked on Millenia, one of my hands were on the steering wheel as the other was dialing Millenia's telephone number. Thats when I noticed the red light that I didnt stop at. Suddenly, I felt the force of 2,000 pounds bolt into the side of the car. Glass shattered everywhere. Everything was spinning around me, black and white. My blood started to flow out of me from every which way. Then, everything went black.

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