It'll All Be Alright

I'm Dylan. Just a girl who moved to London a year ago with my parents. When I go to a One Direction concert, things get interesting. I fall hard for one of the boys, but am doubting if he really is comitted to the relationship... Please read! This is my first fanfic that I have ever posted! Please comment what you think.


3. The Concert

Dylan's POV

 I opened the envelope and pulled out two tickets. Two tickets to One Direction! Front row!

"Oh my god! I love you!" I yelled. "I know." Jo smirked back. "When?" "Tonight! So we gotta leave soon." "Ahhhh!" I screamed again, then told her about this morning and she screamed too.

 We went upstairs to get ready and look our best. Then we left to go to the arena.

"You know you're the best friend ever and I love you right?" I laughed when we got there."Yeah." Jo joked back.


Throughtout the whole concert Zayn kept looking at me. Did he remeber me? I hope!

 About halfway through the concert he walked over to where we were seated and in the middle of his solo he handed us two backstage passes for after the concert.

 I almost screamed but kept cooland smiled. Jo looked at the passes is disbelief.

 Then the boys started answering tweets throughout the audience. Then my phone started ringing. I looked at it and saw it was my aunt. I quickly answered.

"Hello?" "Hello? Dylan? Oh thank god, are you okay?" she asked. "Yes. Why? What's wrong?" I asked worried. "You havent heard yet?" "Heard what?" "Your-your parents..." What? What?"

 It'd been over 12 hours since I dropped them off at the airport. "The plane that they were on to America. It- crashed." My aunt continued. My heart stopped when she said that. I stared straight ahead. I felt tears sting my eyes. "Dylan? Dylan!" I put my phone in my pocket and ran through the crowd. Jo following me.


A/N: Sorry this chapter was so short and sucky. I didnt know how to describe the concert. I've never been to one so... anyway! Yeah, the chapters will be getting longer. Promise that! Again I'm sorry this sucked :/

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