It'll All Be Alright

I'm Dylan. Just a girl who moved to London a year ago with my parents. When I go to a One Direction concert, things get interesting. I fall hard for one of the boys, but am doubting if he really is comitted to the relationship... Please read! This is my first fanfic that I have ever posted! Please comment what you think.


6. Not A Chapter :( Sorry

Hey guys. Sorry it's been like over a week. I got grounded and wasnt able to use the computer to upload. And now I have a bunch of homework to do, along with regestering my classes. So I dont know if I'll be able to update this story.

Besides, I dont know if you all like it, I dont really, so if enough people want me to continue I will, but if not, im thinking about posting another story I just started.

Sorry about all this!

Thanks Gummies! (idk, just the wor that came to mind...) ~Sulya_Bearr99

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