It'll All Be Alright

I'm Dylan. Just a girl who moved to London a year ago with my parents. When I go to a One Direction concert, things get interesting. I fall hard for one of the boys, but am doubting if he really is comitted to the relationship... Please read! This is my first fanfic that I have ever posted! Please comment what you think.


1. Intro

Dylan's POV

 "Dylan! Get up!'I heard someone say. I opened my eyes. No one was in my room. "Get up. We need to leave in half and hour." my mum said from outside my door.

 I checked my phone. 3am. My parents were going back to America, leaving me alone in London for a year. I don't know why they were leaving, but my best friend was coming to stay with me.

 Anyway, my parents had to get me up because I was driving them to the airport.

 I got up and showered so I wouldn't have to later. I quickly dried and put it in a pony tail and did light make-up before getting dressed in some basket-ball shorts and a hoodie.

 I went downstairs and waited for about 5min before my parents said we were finally leaving.

 We got to the airport at 3:45.

"Bye. Please stay safe, know that we love you if anything happens." My dad said to me, giving me a hug. "Love you too dad!" "All that your dad said. I love you. If anything goes wrong, call us and we'll fly right back. Only a year." My mum said. "okay. Love you guys. Stay safe also." I said, then they left.

 It was 4am and I was driving back home but decided to stop for coffee because I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep when I got home.

 I knew starbucks wouldn't be open so I went to a small coffee shop a couple blocks away from my house.

 I got in and ordered my coffee. while I waited I talked to the cashier.

 By the way, I'm Dylan. I'm about 5'5", brown naturally wavy hair that goes just above mid-back, and blue/grey eyes. I'm 18, done with school. I'm from America. We moved here to London a year ago when I finished school. I'm a simple person. Like, I'm not for normal, formal things. My parents think that I'm a good child, but they don't know about some of the things I've done.

 When I got my coffee I turned around and saw 5 guys, looking a bit older than me, staring at me. I recognized them as One Direction! I'm a huge fan, but it's too early in the morning. I sipped my coffee and looked behind me, surely they werent looking at me.

 No one was behind me, so I gave them a smile and walked out, heading to the park.

 It was 4:30am. And I'm just sitting at a park, drinking coffee.

 I looked out at the pond that was covered by fog. It was greyish outside. Light, but no sun. Still too dark to even be 5am. Deep thought mode activated.


A/N: Hey guys! This is my first post! Hope you like it! Please read and comment! Sorry if it sucks, but please give feedback! :) thanks ~Sulya_bearr99

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