It'll All Be Alright

I'm Dylan. Just a girl who moved to London a year ago with my parents. When I go to a One Direction concert, things get interesting. I fall hard for one of the boys, but am doubting if he really is comitted to the relationship... Please read! This is my first fanfic that I have ever posted! Please comment what you think.


5. I Dont Believe It!

Dylan's POV

 Did that really just happen? Oh my god! That really just happened! Niall and Zayn just talked to us and asked to hang out.

 We drove home, talking about everything. And when we got there I didn't want to go inside, but Jo finally got me to.

 She took the guest bedroom, obviously and called her mum, telling her what happened. Then her mom talked to me and said how sorry she was about it and tried to comfort me. She was kinda like a second mom.


 I woke up the next morning. I don't remeber falling asleep,it was hard. But then I remembered yesterday after the concert.

 Was it real? I checked my phone and sure enough, there was Niall's number. I hopped out of bed and went into the bathroom.

 I took a long hot shower and thought of how I now had to go through all these documents and shit for everything. I just finished school and was planning on going back to collage this fall.

 When I got out of the shower I braided my hair to the side and did my make-up. Then I went and got dressed. I pulled on some shorts and a tank top with a hoodie. Simple.

 I went to get Jo up, as it was around 9:30 and then went down and made breakfast.

 As I was eating and Jo was coming down the stairs my phonne started ringing.

 I walked over to it and picked it up without checking. "Hello?" I asked. "Hey Dylan?" I heard an Irish accent over the phone. "Yup." "Cool, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't dreaming and that you didnt give me a fake number." "100% real." I laughed. So did he. "So do you and Jordyn wanna meet up with me and the lads today? we weren't planning on doing anything."

 I looked at Jo and she nodded quickly. I laughed at her. "Yeah, that sounds great." I replied. "Awesome. What time do you want to be picked up?" "Doesn't matter. We're already up and ready for the day." He laughed. "Okay. Text me the address. See ya soon." "Okay." I replied.

 I hung up the phone and texted him the address to my house. then Jo ran upstairs to get ready, then came down looking almost like me, but her hair was in a pony tail and she was wearing a shirt instead of a hoodie.

 I ran upstairs to grab my vans and slipped them on.

 I went downstairs and watched tv then went on twitter while we waited for whenever Niall was coming.

 About half an hour later I heard the doorbell so I went to answer it. I passed a mirror and decided I actually looked good today and smiled.

 I answered the door and was greeted by Niall and Zayn. Jo came up behind me. They walked out and I grabbed my phone along with some money, and followed them.


A/N: Sorry this update is later than yesterdays! I live in America, so it's not late to me. and I get home a little after 3pm, then I jave to do my homework, so dependin on how much I have, will be how late I update. Anyway, how ya guys like it so far? please like/fav! Hey not to sound stalkerish, but where do you'll live? Like US, UK... and so on?comment! Thanks :)~Sulya_bearr99 PS: im probably only gonna have time to update one chapter a day, even though I have written like 10 more. I'm changing them a little plus trying to make them longer! Thanks!

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