It'll All Be Alright

I'm Dylan. Just a girl who moved to London a year ago with my parents. When I go to a One Direction concert, things get interesting. I fall hard for one of the boys, but am doubting if he really is comitted to the relationship... Please read! This is my first fanfic that I have ever posted! Please comment what you think.


2. Best Friend

Zayn's POV

 It was around 4am and me and the lads had just got back to London.

 We didnt want to go home yet so we went to a small coffee shop a couple blocks away from our flats.

 We were in the shop, sitting there talking when the door opens and a girl around our age comes in. She walks up to the couner obviously hasn't noticed us, or she doesnt recognize us.

 She's there talking to the girl at the register before she grabs her coffe and turns around. She is absolutly beautiful. She looks behind her then turns back to us. She smiles and walks out.

 All 5 of us had been staring at her,I hope we didnt scare her! But what is a girl like her doing here at this time in the morning?

Dylan's POV

 I was walking back to my parents house, no one for the year. I would have to go get my friend later. Jordyn(Jo). I met her when I moved here and we instantly became best friends. She lives a couple towns over, so it would be a long ride.

 I couldnt think of how to kill time, so I went and watched tv. At around 9am I got ready. Putting on jeans, a tank top that came to a 'V', and vans.


 I walked up to Jordyn's house and her mum answered. "Hey Miss Shae!" I said. "Hi Dylan, I'll go get Jo up. Come in." she said. "Thanks." I said and walked in.

 I sat down in the living room and like 10min later Jo came down already ready.

"Bye Jo. Stay safe tonight, and remeber, if anything goes wrong, call me. We're not that far." "Yeah mum. Bye, love you." Jordyn said back and we walked out to my car.

"What did she mean by stay safe tonight?" I asked once we were headed back to London."Oh... uh well I kinda got us a surprise." Jo replied. "What?" "I'll have to sho-er tell you later." "Ugh"

 We continued driving and got back to my house around1o'clock. When we got there I asked her, "so what's this surprise?" She handed me and envelope. I looked at her skeptically and ripped it open.

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