The Apple Tree

A poem of love and loss, as is life itself.


1. The Apple Tree

Underneath the apple tree

It’s where we met

You and me.

5 years later we met again,

Shared a fallen fruit

And became best friends.


Underneath the apple tree,

When all was lost

You dried my tears,

Despite the cost.

Your friend laughed at you,

Called you weak,

But I told him

He was the freak.


Underneath the apple tree

Was when I realised

You loved me.

And when I realised

I loved you too,

And from then on, our love just grew


Underneath the apple tree

I said the vows

And we were free.

Through thick and thin

We stuck like glue

Through 60 years

Until they took you


Underneath they apple tree

They dug the hole

And I wished death

Had taken me.

Not long after

We met again.

Looked down from heaven

At new children, aged just seven


Underneath our apple tree

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