Dirty Little Secret

Chloe isn't sure of anything, she doesn't care what people think and she does what she wants, she contradicts herself all the time.. she doesnt believe in love.. until one day all those comments about 'love isn't real' that she made, makes her change her mind.

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2. Esmee's problem

'He's done it again Chloe, I trusted him not too and he has proved me wrong.' Esmee cried down the phone

'I know, fuck him. I always said he was a cunt'

'I asked you if I should give him a chance and you said yes, YOU SAID YES!'

'Woaaahh, I said everyone deserves a second chance and that he hasn't had one yet'

'So this is your fault?'

'If it makes you feel better Esmee, then yes, yes it's my fault, I will take full responsibilty for Gary leaving you and going back to Zara'


SOMEONE SAVE ME, PLEASE!? I silently screamed


'I'm joking Clo, we still on for tomorrow nights party?'

'Sure, see you tomorrow'


I hung up before she even got the chance to say goodbye. Gary is in our class at College, he dumped his ex girlfriend - Zara, for Esmee. I told her not to trust him, to be careful with him, not to fall fast, all that bullshit a best friend says out of sheer love. After 3 months he went back to Zara and then very rapidly came running back to Esmee and I did, I told her that maybe a second chance could be on the cards. As I saw that when she was with him, she was the happiest I had ever saw her. Gary was good looking and he was very talented at playing the guitar and singing, he had a cheeky smile.. One that I used to love staring at.



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