Dirty Little Secret

Chloe isn't sure of anything, she doesn't care what people think and she does what she wants, she contradicts herself all the time.. she doesnt believe in love.. until one day all those comments about 'love isn't real' that she made, makes her change her mind.

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3. Decisions

'Why Gary, why have you done it to her again -_-'

'Clo, don't be mad, I swear I have not gone back to Zara!!!!!'

'You don't have to lie to me :) '

'I know, but you are her best friend and I just, I just lost interest.. That is all :( '

'Was the sex not frequent enough'

'Not as frequent as it would be with you  ;)'


Why, why did he always have to do this with me.. Banter. Flirt. All the time and I have to give it back, it's too hard not too with him, my phone beeped again..


'I'm bored, come over.. I will teach you guitar like you have always wanted'

'I have a party to go to with Esmee, besides it would be weird'


I thought about it, I thought about going over, I don't think he is a cunt in general.. Just with girls, but we were just freinds with harmless banter, Esmee always found it funny, so did I, until recently I wanted it to be more than just flirting around. His pearly whites flashed into my mind but was quickly interrupted by a text from him.


'Anything is only ever weird, if you make it weird.. You drink too much, one night off will do you good'


'Sorry, I can't make it tonight.. Have a shot on me!!! xxx' is what I text Esmee.


'Meet me  half way and I will see you in ten' is what I text Gary

'Okay xx'


Just as I walked out my front door my phone started vibrating and a photo of me and Esmee started flashing on my screen, she was calling... 'Fuucccckkkk, I am a shit liar' Is what I thought, so I waited for the call to end and I turned my phone off,



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