Dirty Little Secret

Chloe isn't sure of anything, she doesn't care what people think and she does what she wants, she contradicts herself all the time.. she doesnt believe in love.. until one day all those comments about 'love isn't real' that she made, makes her change her mind.

Pleaseeeeeeeeee leave comments and I am not to sure how this is going to go so please don't be mad if I dont follow the 'About the Story'


1. Chloe

What if I told you that I wasn't sure if I believed in love? Would you believe me? Would you think I was crazy? Or, would you agree?


We all have a friend that we envy, whether we admit it or not.. We want to be the girl for a change that guys notice when they walk in the room, that they want to talk too but I hate being centre of attention. Although, sometimes a little bit of attention would be great. I contradict myself all the time, most of the time, without even realising. We all have our dirty little secrets, that we never want to expose! Ones we always in fear that when we consume alcohol we may allow those secrets to pour out of our mouths, without even thinking twice or being able to stop those words from coming.


I'm 17 and I go to College, I have long brown hair with a full fringe, green eyes. Yes, some days I wear lots of make up, some days I don't, I am indesicive and most of the time I don't have a clue what I am doing... Because, I do things on impulse and I regret it later. But hey, if we live life and make no mistakes, then honestly.. We have never lived, at all.


My name is Chloe, by the way!




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