Change is Better than Staying the Same

This isn't about the story, but I'm going to talk anyways. If you want me to continue any story's I've made, you've got to give me a little bit of ideas that would work for the story you want me to continue. I usually hate my stories and erase them, so you've got to give me a bost to continue. Kay? Please?


1. Here and Now

Chapter 1-Here and Now:

The loud glowing sound came from the car. It blinked one color and then the other. Two in all, blue and red. The light inside kept spinning till it’s driver would turn it off. The car made a sharp turn down the highway, it blocked two cars from their path instead of colliding. The drivers were lucky they didn’t crash.

The car made another turn onto a different highway. It went down hill. The driver swears and slams on the gas pedal. The driver, named Tom Grete, a police officer for more than ten years has been trying to capture the same person ever since the persons been on the news.

Tom turned left and heads down an empty street. He grits his teeth, he doesn’t understand how this moron can go so fast on a skateboard! What the hell! He turns madly right and slams his foot harder on the gas pedal while his knuckles turn white from gripping the steering wheel. Damn, damn, damn! That’s the only word that goes through his mind.

“Attention all units, the criminal has just made an exit on Bell road. I repeat, the criminal has made an exit on Bell road.” Tom’s walkie talkie turns off. He frowns and takes a short cut down an alley, that’s the fastest way to the only exit she hasn’t taken off Bell road. And the only route connects in this neighborhood. This is it, he’ll catch this kid for sure.


The criminal named; Damien Kalani, an infamous troublemaker seemingly flies down the street. The skateboard she rides hovers in the air for three to five seconds, and returns to a crash into the ground. Down the freeway she just was on, is now a complete disaster. Cars are all bunched together, some have flipped over and have landed on the other side of the intersection.

The criminal now races down a street. The cops haven’t been able to catch her yet, this is only a game to her.

“Oi! Dami! Over here!” A shout from an alley conner. The said person turns their head and slowly skates over.

All that skating didn’t make the girl tired, actually, she didn’t even break a sweat. Damien reaches up and pushes down the brown hood, it didn’t blow over in the wind or random items being thrown at her. Even her red and blue dragon design creation on her same colored shirt, isn’t anything but close to clean and perfect from the monstrous wind. Her gray right gray sleeve has a knife planted, just in case of an emergency. Her left one goes up to her elbow. The tattoo on the inner arm shines in the dark.

The other kid, a criminal as well smiles and waves.

His name; Trin Rein. His untamed brown hair flies with the wind. His goggles on his head somewhat keep his hair in place. Dark green eyes light the way for Damien. Besides that, his striped red and black shirt darken his figure to make it look like he’s not their. On top of that, his yellow jacket shows off that he’s the only one you need to look at. His faded dark jeans with holes show the world he’s tough. The head phones, pure white, they even give a little upbeat to the motion, yup, his music is pretty loud. And finally his green sneakers that look like grass stains has had another yet experience of notches.

“Hard to escape? Oh wait, that’s right, Sept gave you are new directions. That sucks, it’s funny when you get pissed.” he chuckles a little and puts his hands behind his head. She stops half way from their new hide out. Damien keeps her lips straight. If she starts to beat on him, she’s going to get punished for a whole week. So instead she mumbles under her breath.

“What was that? I didn’t hear you? Come again.” he’s taunting. Her left eyebrow twitches. Her hands in her black basketball shorts clench. Her left foot which is bear scrunches all her toes. Her right foot that’s blood red, which is the only shoe she has on her feet taps her skateboard. Trin starts to taunt again. “You know if yo-”

Sounds of gun shots fly through the air. “Over here! I found them!” Damien spins on her board and looks to see where they are. The gun cocks. The cold but dangerous gun points at her forehead.

Trin’s shotgun aims over Damien’s head and right between the cops eyes. “Va te faire foutre, trouduc.” The cop raises a brow. (A/N: Go to It’s has weapons and armor for you to see what weapons some of the characters will use.)

“What are yo-” Trin’s gun fires. The man falls backwards. His brains splattered and blood freely flowing the ground.

Damien turns around and sees Trin shrug his shoulders and look carefree, his shotgun that he never uses, in his left hand. Probably just to shoot one of Numb’s daggers into somebody and piss him off. “I told him to fuck off.” She nods. And skates over towards him. She motions him to come in. He nods and hurries over to move the body. The lake that’s next to the hide out will do fine. He smiles and throws the cop in.

Damien watches from the sidelines and groans, he wants to look cool even though the cops dead. Stupid. Trin smiles and spins around, he then follows after Damien, they doesn’t want anymore people to find them. Besides, the cops are already here.


“Where the hell have you to been!? Damien! You were suppose to be here hours ago! Trin! I told you not to go outside! The hell! None of you people listen to me!” The leader, September Link. Her straight black shoulder length hair swings everywhere as she yells at the “two” imbeciles. Her red sunglasses that she always wears over her eyes are now on top of her head. Her purple eyes are fierce so her sunglasses are sliding backwards almost falling off her head, from well being….September. Her reveling shirt with it braided on her arms cut to only slightly above her elbow are slightly coming undone. So that would mean her stomach that always shows in slowly not showing. Her black jeans with chains and belt slide down her waist and hang off her hips. She has no shoes on, probably just lazy and working late again.

“Ah-heh-heh.” Trin rubs the back of his neck. September’s eye twitches and the bottle of beer in her hand crushes. Trin takes in a breath and puts his hands in his lap. Though their hide out is 3,000 meters down. This isn’t going to be pretty.

Trin, finally comes to a conclusion thought he already had this planed from the beginning. “It was nice knowing you world!” He jumps and takes off running through the base, though he wont get far unless he locks himself in his room. But as always, September is right on his heals. And while you hear screaming and curses, Damien yawns and scratches her head as she heads off to the kitchen.


“Damn it!” A hand makes it way down towards a desk and breaks the desk in half.

“Tom! What’s wrong?” a newbie asks the older cop.

“That damn brat got away again! And this time one of my men died! That damn brat is going to pay! I’ll make her scream and beg and plead for death when I’m through with him!” he stomps of into his office. The newbie lifts a brow and shakes their head.

“How many times have you failed?“ he sighs and mutters under his breath. Again he speaks and rolls his eyes, “whatever you say.” and with that he walks back into his office.


Small “house”, small rooms, small…everything. Each “criminal” gets their own room. Numb’s room is first on the left, you walk down the stair from the surface into this “home” and you immediately see two small couches and one recliner. The kitchen to the right with a hallway right through it. That leads to four door. Again, Numb’s room is the first you see on the left. It has a sign that reads “to lazy to respond”.

Right across is September’s room. Her door’s always open since she doesn’t really care who answer, but she must know that you’re their by knocking. She usually listens to music really loud so yay, that’s why.

Two doors down, is the one and only Trin’s room. His door somewhat has been off the hinges for awhile because of you know who. But though his room his a mess, no one goes in. Don’t ask why, it’s just…moving on.

And finally on the other side of the hallway, is none other than Damien’s room. The door is always closed, never has any of the so called “’roommates” ever seen it open more then a minute. Her door only read “hello” and somehow changes into goodbye once in a while. Still, the others a interested in what’s in her room though Numb said he was forced to do this, and the closest they’ve got is one foot in; since Dami was out on a mission, but even so, when Trin put one foot in, he suddenly passed out for some strange reason. And with that, they booked it into the living room as if nothing happened with Trin passed out on the couch.

Anyways, as Trin fell asleep on the couch like he did usually everyday, mostly from Sept, with a hand over his eyes and him softly snoring. September was reading a book and drinking while the small TV. was on. Since their criminals, they should have tons of money and shit like that, but it seems their low on money at the time, or their not into the world yet.

“Dami,” the said person shifted their eyes from under their straight bangs over towards the leader. “Can I ask you a personal question?” Damien stop twilling her fingers and slowly moved her eyes back to her lap. It was silent for a few moments, but then Damien finally decide to answer by shrugging her shoulders. September continued knowing it was ok, she’d answer if she’d want to.

September took a deep breath and fixed her sunglasses one the top of her head. She put her beer down and settled the book in her lap. She moved her feet from the floor onto the couch and into a sitting position. “Ok, now I know we’ve only become a group a few weeks ago, but we’ve shared something’s about each other and crap, so-” Damien fully turned her head and pulled up her feet from the floor. She pulled her legs closer to her body and hugged herself. She rested her head on her knees and stared at September.

September gave her a questioning look, but continued anyways, “so, would you mind telling us-err me something about yourself? Besides that you don’t talk much. We’ve already figured that out.”

Again silence filled the room. September was about to say never mind and she’ll try to get something out of her later, but was surprise from what she heard.

“What Damien likes?” a ghostly whisper, the voice sounded lost and trembling but September ignored that and focused on what she says.

“Yes, what do-you-err does Damien like?” she asked. The kid talks in third person, if she was a little older and talked more, most people these days would be hitting on her. But for some reason, she just finds this cute.

Damien raises a a hand towards her head and looks off into space to think. She hums a little, but soon turns back to look at Sept.

“September, Trin, Numb.” a whisper again, but this time the sound of interest comes through. As September opens her mouth to respond, foot steps are heard coming down the stairs. They both turn to the stairs and see Numb run a hand through his spiky blond hair with hints of blood. He sighs and looks at the two girls, well for him: slut and tomboy.

He frowns and walks over to his so called “teammates”. He stops when he passes the couch with the two awake people sit. September’s eyes are shooting daggers at him, while Damien’s eyes slightly look over in secret. His frown deepens and he crosses his arms over his chest.

“What?” he questions them with venom in his voice. Now Numb doesn’t hate his teammates, it’s just he feels like he should have been leader. He’s stronger! He’s powerful! He’s smarter! He’s the best! But he mostly doesn’t like Damien. He doesn’t know why he just does.

No one answers, September graze removes itself and focuses on her book again and takes a sip of her beer. Damien keeps on look at him. He can see a little of her left eye, it shines brighter than the almost dead lamp in the dark room. Gold. He scoffs and walks over to Damien. September glares and warns him not to do anything stupid, knowing him, everything he does it stupid, He draws closer to her, she doesn’t move. That makes him grit his teeth, damn brat goes through his mind.

He reaches out with his right hand and slowly moves to her face. September slams her book and bites the inside of her lip. Numb is always angry at Damien, she doesn’t know why or for what reason, but every time his anger gets to much, he always ends up trying to hurt her.

She’s snapped out of her thoughts when she notices that Damien let out a hum. She looks at what’s happing. The hell! She watches Numb look at Damien’s eyes and Damien looks back. They both stare at one another. September soon goes from confused as hell to surprised as hell.

Damien’s eyes are gold and green. Gold on left and green on right. Damien stares into his eyes, there’s no movement between the two. It only made sense that Damien’s eyes were covered. Her bangs were falling over her eyes, and her hair was cut short like a dudes.

Numb scoffs and pulls back. “Heh, red hair with blue stripes and green and gold eyes. Freak.” he stuffs his hands in his black jeans and walks of to his room. The door slams and a crash was heard, angry? Probably.

“Damien?” she turns her head back, bangs covering eyes. She reaches for a notepad and a pencil. She writes three words and hands it to September. She then gets up and returns to her room.

September watches her go and waits until she closes the door. When the door closes and the TV that was on turns to a commercial, she looks down to the note pad.

Correctly it only had three words. It read much more than that though. September raises a brow and reads it again, then she finally reads it out loud.

“Here and now.”

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