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Liam,Niall,Louis,Zayn,and Harry are the number 1 world wide known pop sensational boy band. What happens when they wake up after a concert, back in their old lives before 1D was created ? And will they be able to climb back to the top.......


2. The concert

Harry's POV "Ok guys let's go" i say running on stage. "Hello New York " Liam screams to the crowd and everyone starts cheering. We start singing LWWY! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After the concert the guys all head to their rooms. " Goodnight " " Goodnight to you too hazza!" They all exclaim. I head to my room and take a quick shower then go to my room and change then go to bed. I check my twitter I get alot of fan comments like - awesome show tonight - or - you re awesome - one particular comment catches my eye - YOU SUCK HOW DO YOU EVEN LIVE WITH YOURSELF! I WISH ONE DIRECTION WAS NEVER CREATED!- i decide to ignore the comment and to just sleep. Anyway there will always be the same people that try to ruin your life no matter where you live. (=^•^=) HARRY'S DREAM "LET'S GO TO NANDOS! I WANNA GO TO NANDOS!" You can guess who was running around the house screaming that! " fine niall we can go to nandos but please please stop screaming it s getting more annoying than louis talking about carrots and how carrots are good for you re health and how carrots and how carrots blah blah blah" everyone starts laughing except louis who has his hands on his hips. " nothing is wrong with my carrot talks. And don t you sass me!" " anyway let s go to nandos cus niall is going to go haywire if we don t" liam interrupts us. We walk out of the door and into the cold winter air. No fans or paparazzis that s wierd oh well. I was deep in my thought s when i run into someone by accident. " Oh sorry what s you re name?" She asks me " You don t know i m harry styles from one direction from the world known pop band." " One direction i don t know who one direction is." " are you sure?" " yes definitely" (=^•^=) end of dream I wake up with a bolt, sweating all over. It was just a dream, it was just a dream i tell myself. I get up and get a cup of water and go back to sleep. Everything will be better tomorow, i hope. A/N SO THIS IS THE FIRST CHAPTER SHORT BUT IT S JUST AN INTRO HOPE YOU WILL LIKE IT. (=^•^=)

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