Back to Before

Liam,Niall,Louis,Zayn,and Harry are the number 1 world wide known pop sensational boy band. What happens when they wake up after a concert, back in their old lives before 1D was created ? And will they be able to climb back to the top.......


5. How I got to sleep

Harry started telling me things. About how the night he had the dream was the last night he and his big deal boy band had played. He told me it was as if everything had vanished. I saw a tear slide down his cheek. He was really dedicated to this band.


" Don't worry. Ill help you get back with the band. And help you make it to the top- again." I said wiping the tear off his cheek. What? There's no harm in being sweet. He asked if he could stay out here tonight with me because he had nowhere to go.


" Sure" I said.


 We. Lay down next to each other. I was cold. I told him.


" Harry I'm really cold" 

He pulled me close to him by the belt loops on my pants. I could feel his chest against my back. I could hear him slightly crying.


" What's wrong?"

I asked

" no one has ever been this kind to me, and no one has ever believed me. Thank you" 

i was to tired to respond so I just reaches behind me and grabbed one of his arms. I missed one of the many tatoos on it and wrap it around my waist. He laughs and pulls me close with his arms around my body. I breathed in his strong cigarette scent, but for once , since my dad died, I found comfort in the smell. I felt protected.

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