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Liam,Niall,Louis,Zayn,and Harry are the number 1 world wide known pop sensational boy band. What happens when they wake up after a concert, back in their old lives before 1D was created ? And will they be able to climb back to the top.......


3. Dreams of 2

Chapter 2

Cate's POV
I wake up from the strangest dream I think I've ever had. I ran into this boy, who looked vaguely fimilular, and he asked me if I was sure I didn't know who he was.Well anyway. My name is Catherine Veriss. I live in Long Island, with my mom and my dog Cleo. U might be asking about my dad? Well I don't have one. My mom and dad got divorced right before I was born so, I've never met him, and don't really want to. I run downstairs and pour some cereal for myself. I take a bite and rush to the lower cabinet to grab Cleo's food. I cook some eggs and bacon and set it on the counter. I run upstairs and get dressed into what I picked out the night before. I brush my hair and teeth, and apply no make up; my usual. I grab my backpack, lunch money, and my iPod and phone. I slide my phone into the pocket of my jeans and put my earbuds in. As I walk to the bus stop I see Drake. Oh lord help me. Only the guy I've had a crush on for about a year. I mean, he's always nice to me, but I just can't be myself around him. It's impossible. I see a new face standing next to him. " Hey!" I say to him and do a mini wave to the mystery girl." Hey Cate, this is Nicki." Drake explains. I extend my arm and we shake hands while she tells me about her life. She just moved here from Corsica, with her mom dad two little brothers and older sister. I have to say I was a little jealous of her large family. She had beautiful long straight dark brown hair and green-blue eyes. MUCH prettier than me. I had long curly golden toned brown hair and dark green eyes. She was also a little shorter than I was. The bus rounded the corner. And Drake tapped my shoulder." Hey can I sit with you guys?" This was odd. He always sat with his girlfriend Emily. " sure" I'd find out what happened to that later. As I got on the bus drake and I head back to our usual seats all the way in the back, with Nicki following. SCHOOL DAY PASSES
I asked mom if nicki could come over and my mom said yes. So as soon as we got to my house and dropped off our books, I changed into shorts and a tank too, and lent one of the same to Nicki. I grabbed Cleo's pink
 collar and some flip flops for each of us. I pulled my hair down and we headed to the beach. Once I looked and saw no cops, I unhooked Cleo's leash and let her run free. She ran ahead while Nicki and I talked about, we'll just life.  Out of nowhere Cleo ran into one of the guys walking on the beach, and I left Nicki mid sentence because I ran to get her. I put her on the leash again but she weaves around in circles around his legs. After I finally free the poor guy I look up, obviously blushing. " sorry" I say ashamed. " don't worry about it" he says with a super warm smile. By this time Nicki has caughten up to me.( lol slowpoke) his name was Liam and he was moving in up the street. He was originally from England, but was moving out here to get away for a while. I asked him if he wanted to come back to my place after the beach. He said ok. We were all giggling when I started up my front steps. Drake was there with tear stained cheeks. " Drake?" He looked up and when he saw Liam he wiped his tears on his cheek on his sleeve and stood up. I introduced them to each other. My mom was going out for dinner with friends and said I could order pizza for the rest of us. Yay! We got out the pizza delivery number and I used a totally fake Italian voice to order the two pizzas. Hey! We were four hungry teens! We need food! We went down to the basement and talked for a while. I heard the doorbell ring and ran up the stairs to get it. I paid the guy and screamed at the others to get their lazy butts upstairs so we could eat on the patio and watch the sunset on the beach. After dinner we all went out to the little ice cream shop in town. OFCOURSE we brought Cleo. Nicki is staying over tonight and tomorow we are all going back to the beach, and then to Liam's to help him unpack. What a perfect day.  I mean seriously.





Chapter 3 BTB 

Nicki and I get up in our pjs and

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