Back to Before

Liam,Niall,Louis,Zayn,and Harry are the number 1 world wide known pop sensational boy band. What happens when they wake up after a concert, back in their old lives before 1D was created ? And will they be able to climb back to the top.......


4. Chapter 3. The dream comes to life

Nicki and I decided to sleep out on the beach because it was a clear night . I know is dangerous and all that blah blah blah. I don't care. I have Cleo. About ten minutes after we fell asleep I woke up to the small of cigarette smoke. There was a guy standing in front of us with a cigarette in his mouth. I woke up Nicki and Cleo.


He wasn't that threatening, just on we of two years older than us.


" Did you know that you talk in your sleep?" He asked. He put out the cigarette in the sand.


" Did you know that smoking is bad for you health? And everyone around you'd too." I said coughing. He chuckled. We had a small fire and when he got closer To us I could clearly see his face. I knew this face. But where from. When he saw my face he looked at me with just the same amount of shock my face was showing. The dream. This was the guy from the dream. Oh my god that's creepy.


" Scarlet right?"

he asked.

" Yeah hi Harry" I said. 



This is awkward. WTF?

 He said can I talk to you? Nicki got up and went back to my house as we started talking. She took Cleo and went to sleep in my bed. I told her I was going to stay here.

" Um. I think we um... Had the same dream?" I nodded. This was weird, but I felt like I knew him before.



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