Wanting what's wrong.

She's emotionally unavailable,he's emotionally strained. After seemingly meaningless 'one night stand', will their wants create a deal that will form into something much bigger?


2. Two

Chapter 2:

11:58 Ashley’s P.O.V

We were outside of his hotel room kissing. That type of kissing that’s sweet but still hot and heavy. He fiddled with hand trying to swipe the card behind my back. Finally the door opened and we walked in and door the small hallway like entry way. We pushed me hard against the wall and we started to get lost in the kiss when his phone went off. “Sorry must be one of the lads” he apologised. I nodded and leant back against the wall. He mumbled something under his breath which was barely audible. “Pardon?” I asked making him look at me. “Oh nothing just one of them said Happy New Yeat” he laughed “Happy New Yeat?” I questioned. “Yeah either they’re drunk or in the middle of something. Kind of like what we were” he smirked. I leant forward and kissed him and it took seconds for him to quickly respond and kiss me back. “So what time is it?” I asked pulling from the kiss. He fell forward placing another heated kiss on my lips before pulling back and answering me. “12:02” he huffed leaning in for another kiss. “Happy new year” I whispered “Happy fucking new year” he breathed. And that was that the rest of the night was no words other than the occasional cuss or moan.


January 1 5:10 am Zayns P.O.V

I woke up with bright sun beaming into my eyes. My head was aching and I could barely open my eyes. Squinting didn’t help much either though. I tried to lift my body off of the ground but there was a lightweight keeping me there. Suddenly everything rushed back to me, everything that happened last night was like a movie playing in fast forward in my head. I blinked a few times so the imaged would disappear and finally took up the courage to see the lady next to me. She was beautiful long wavy light brown hair slightly tanned skin and an amazing body. I looked around me searching for my trousers finally finding them about an arm length away from me. I stretched out for them and took out my phone. I clicked on it to see the time. 5:11 in the morning. “That’s fantastic” I sighed softly to myself Suddenly a croaky voice filled the silence of the room. “What did you say?” she asked softly “Nothing just checking the time” I muttered We both were there in silence, complete utter silence. She got up from the spot she was laying dressed in a lacy black bra and nothing else. I didn’t know the girl, not even her name but I found it hard to remove my eyes. She threw on her jeans and long sleeved white shirt while looking for something else. I pulled the blanket up a little further towards my torso when something lacy hit my hand. I pulled it out from under the blanket sussing it out before completely realising it was her underwear.


January 1 5:23am Ashley’s P.O.V

I was searching around the hotel looking for a couple items of lost clothing when suddenly a dark voice took over the silence “Looking for these” he taunted with a smug look hung upon his face.

I just smiled and walked over to him taking it from his hands.

“So are you seriously emotionally unavailable?” he questioned out of the blue “I don’t have time for feelings” I confessed “I hear you, I’m emotionally strained” he replied “Everything in all those cheesy love films are lies, never once have I had a guy sweep me off my feet and marry me after a 5 minute montage of our time spent together” I joked “And never once have I had a girl run across a city trying to find me in time before I left cause I knew she didn’t want me” he laughed “Emotion in a relationship makes it too fucking hard” I moaned “So you want just sex?” he snapped We both had a moment of eye contact exchanging all the conversation we needed through our eyes. “No strings attached” I offered “No emotions” he retorted “Just sex?” I questioned? “Nothing else” he replied sternly.

We walked closer together and he offered hand so I took it and we shook on it. “Just sex” he repeated “Nothing else” I reassured “By the way that’s my alone hand” he said as we let go of each other’s grip “Oh my god!” I yelled playfully pushing him back! I went to push him again but he caught my hands and tried to fight me off. He pinched the side of my stomach softly and I slapped his thigh now fighting him off.

He finally let go of me and I was released from his grip “You know we don’t even know each other’s names” he informed “Ashley” I nodded “Zayn” he smiled.

I grabbed my purse that was sitting on the floor and went to leave the hotel but I quickly turned around.

“By the way Zayn, next time we do this you might wanna call me Ashley instead of Hayley” I giggled as his jaw dropped and he blushed “I called you Hayley?” he questioned “No it was more like, Oh yeah Hayley” I replied saying the last part in an over exaggerated sex voice. “Sure I’ll keep that in mind for next time."
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