Wanting what's wrong.

She's emotionally unavailable,he's emotionally strained. After seemingly meaningless 'one night stand', will their wants create a deal that will form into something much bigger?


1. One

New Year’s Eve; 11:27 pm Zayns P.O.V

I stood there at my girlfriend’s friend’s party in a dark corner cup of vodka in hand. She said that she was going to have a chat with Beth for a minute…but this was over 2 hours ago. I saw a vague figure approaching me through the dim lit room. “Hey Zayn we need to talk outside” my girlfriend Hayley announced over the loud thump of the music. “Sure” I agreed taking the hand she offered. I followed her out of the crowded house and towards the drive way. We stood near her car as she leant back on it. “You know Zayn you’re a really nice guy” she trailed “You’re breaking up with me?” I hissed a little loudly “It’s not that you did anything” she tried to explain “You’re breaking up with me….I had to do something to make you not want to date me” I stormed “I just don’t find you attractive anymore” she confessed roughly. Those words hit me pretty hard and before I knew it she was making her way back the party. “So you’re finished with me?” I questioned in a shout “Sorry Zayn” she said as she flicked that light blonde hair of hers over her barely tanned shoulder.

New Year’s Eve; 11:32 pm Ashley’s P.O.V

I walked down the cold snow covered street where my boyfriend told me to meet him. It was late and I was pretty sure I was about to have the best New Year’s Eve ever. I saw him get out of his bright red car and I sped up my speed towards him. “Ashy, hey” he called as I pulled him into a hug. He barely hugged back and as I pulled away to look at his face he had a look of bad news written all off his face. “What do I have something on my face?” I panicked “Ashy listen” he trailed off “You’re breaking up with me?” I yelled as he stepped back from me “Ashy” he tried to sooth “Don’t you dare call me Ashy when you’re breaking up with me” I hissed getting a little more violent sounding than intended. “Fine Ashley I think it’d be best if we see other people” he said calmly opening the door to his car. “You know what fine be a dick like that” I cussed getting angrier by the second “I’m glad you understand…so great we had this talk” he finished before getting into his car and driving away.

I wonder down the street kicking snow aggressively as I walked. I realised I probably shouldn’t of been so angry but I’ve been broken up with one too many times. My heart has been broken into so many pieces I can’t even feel anymore. “I am officially emotionally unavailable” I mumbled to myself

11:40 pm Zayns P.O.V

I turned a corner making my way back to the hotel I was staying at realising I’d be the only one there as all of the lads would be out partying or something. I seriously could not even think of that right now I was emotionally strained as of tonight. The one thing that made me the saddest though was the New Year’s Eve kiss….which I wasn’t getting. I felt a swarm of self-pity rage over me whenever I saw a happy couple walking in the nearly empty streets. ‘I need something’ I thought to myself ‘Something with no emotions….i need a one night stand tonight’ my mind ticked over that thoughts a few times

11:43 pm Ashley’s P.O.V

‘I need something completely physical’ I thought as I walked towards a service station. Alcohol would do wonders right now. I took a deep breath and walked into the alcohol section of the store, there was only 3 people there. No wonder it was New Year’s Eve. There was myself the store clerk and a dark skinned, tall guy who I couldn’t tell whether he was attractive by looking at the back of his head. But he did have a nice body and some vodka could change the face if he wasn’t hot. I grabbed some bottles of assorted spirits and fruity tasting drinks before walking to the counter. I stepped in front of the boy before stepping back so he could pay. “Ladies first” he offered letting me go. “Thanks” I smiled walking to the counter. After seeing his face I can officially determine that he is one hell of a guy. I paid the amount of the drinks and went to leave the store before pretending to drop my wallet to gain some time. He quickly paid for his stuff than helped me picked the loose change to put back in my wallet. “Thanks a heap” I flirted before getting up and leaving. Tonight so wasn’t about playing hard to get I figured as I walked out of the automatic doors. I waited for him to exit. As he did I coughed to get his attention. “You’re hot wanna have sex?” I said pretty straight forward

11:52 pm Zayns P.O.V

I walked out the store with my vodka after seeing the, honestly, most fuckable girl I’d seen in a long time. As I walked out the doors and deep cough caught my attention bringing my guard up just in case. “You’re hot wanna have sex?” her voice echoed “I’m emotionally strained at the moment” I said honestly “And I’m emotionally unavailable… perfect” she flirted.
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