New Girl In New York

This story is about a girl named Lilly.She has moved from LMS to SCMS because her mom and dad got in a big fight.This story is about Lilly moving from Texas to New York. She was a nice country girl and now she is a....... You have to read more to find out.:)


1. Moving

      In Texas,in the morning Lilly wakes up and gets dressed and heads down stairs. When she comes down stairs she crabbes a box of ceral and makes herself a bowl. Her mom comes out of her room starts yelling at Lillys dad. Lilly cuts in and says " fighting again?" Her mom replys "yes and its non of you buisness." Lilly thought to herself can't this ever stop? A week later November 12,1999 Lilly comes home from school when she sees her mom sitting on the couch talking on the phone. Her mom hangs up and says "Lilly come her." Lilly walks over to the brown couch where her mom is sitting. Her mom talks softly and says "Lilly me and your dad had a big fight and we are going to move."

     Lilly says "What about my friends?What about are family?What about school? Her mom says " I know this is a big ajustment but we can handle it." Her mom also said " Oh, did i tell you that we are moving to New York?" Lilly says " What!" "Are you kidding me." No,I'm not going." Her mom says " Oh,yes you are your aunt Julie lives up their and she said that we can come stay with her untill we can find are own place." Lilly replied " Fine."

         December 12,1999 we started to move. We packed up all the things we owned and put them into boxes. It took us 6 hours to get every thing in boxes not even into the car. "Lilly are you ready?" Mom said. "Yes, I just have one more thing to pack." 1 hour later we go into the car and we started to drive away. On down the road Lilly says to her mom " Later on are you going to regret leaving dad?" Mom replies " No, what im doing is for the best." "We didn't even say goodbye." Lilly replies. " We can call them,and we will see them every holiday." Mom says. " I know its just hard." Lilly says while crying. " Lilly everything is going to be ok just trust me I know best." mom said.

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