Four Roads, One Path. (1D Fanfic.)

Avary is a 19 years old girl that only uses her brain instead of heart. Avary is the most hardworking girl ever seen. She goes to school like everybody else and straight home after school all the time. That's it. People call her cool for being so not interested in people and for being so mature all the time, but they don't really know her, do they? While in the meantime, a boy with the name Zayn goes to the same school as her and get's along with everybody very well, especially with the lady's. He's bad at his studies and doesn't care about anything. But there is something about him that doesn't seem right. There's something about him that makes Avary wanna know more about him. Avary haven't even once thought that Zayn was normal. She thought he was hiding something. This story has allot of problems involved between the two of them. Will they be able to survive together?
Will Avary be able to open her heart for once? Will Zayn let someone inside his heart or chase the her away?


1. Which road?




Today, Ave... You are going to meet the devil in your world. It might bring you some trouble and you might get too stressed, but everything is worth it, isn't it? You will also know the answer in the, and, Avery.


I was in class and waited for the bell to ring, not really because I had something to do when school's over, but because everybody leaves the class when the bell rings. It gets so quiet when everyone leaves. And right now it’s very loud. Many people want’s to be around me but I'm the one that closes them out. Not because I want to, but that's just me. I study very hard in class and even in the breaks. It's because I want to make my mom proud. That's how my life is. When my mom says something, I just have to follow it.

I remember my first time going to school on my own. I used to be driven to school every day so I didn't really remember what road I should take, but I lied and said to my mother that I knew what road to take and that I could go on my own. So I just kept on walking until I discovered that it was the wrong path I was walking and I didn't know where I was. "This is the wrong road!" I yelled. Then suddenly I heard footsteps behind me and then a young guy appeared, In front of me. I was totally surprised. "Well... There are four kind of people in this world little girl...” he said with a deep and yet not that deep of a voice. I asked what those four kind of people was, and he answered. "The first one is those kind of people that only takes the right road. The second Is those kind of people that discovers that they are walking in the wrong road and then they turn around, right away and get back in the right road. The third one is those kind of people walks only in the wrong road...” He said but paused and didn't say the last one. "How about the fourth one?" I asked out of curiosity. “The last one Is those kind of people that discovered that they are walking the wrong path but chooses to keep on walking that path." I kind of felt that it was getting colder. "So tell me... Which one do you choose little girl?" I looked at the ground to think and looked up again but he was gone. He totally disappeared! And guess what I did. I kept on walking... When my mother found me, she just kept on yelling at me and she also said "how many times do I have to say, that if you take the wrong road you should turn around and go back!!" But... It felt amazing. It felt amazing thinking I could make my own decision. I felt free... 


"Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiinngggg" The sound of the bell rang.


Everybody went outside even the teacher. I just kept taking notes and studied. "Ah! Avery you're still here!?" An annoying yelling voice said. It was Zayn. "Avery you really find it troublesome to be with other people and friends, don't you?" He said while taking out a chair and sits right In front of me. "No I don't and it's none of your business" I said with annoyed voice and hoped that he might get that I wanted him to go away. "Ohhh don't be like that, Ave!" I looked at him with a serious look on my face and he just kept on smiling at me. I ignored him the rest of the time but I couldn't concentrate because I always felt that he was staring at me. Suddenly he grabbed my chin and pulled me closer to him and as soon as I opened my month to yell at him and tell him not to touch me, he took the chance and kissed me! I pushed him away right away! I kept staring at him and I knew that he understood that I waited for him to explain. I looked at him with the angriest look on my face and I was ready to slap him but when I got my hand up in the air... I stopped myself. I looked at him and even confused look on my face. He knew that I was angry and wanted to slap him, but he just kept on smiling and didn't care at all.

I was speechless. I putted my hand back down. "What? What's wrong? I just thought that your lips were shining so beautifully and brightly that I just couldn't resist" he said while getting op from the chair. I was even more speechless. A girl came running in the class. She was wearing the tightest shirt and shortest skirt ever. She came into the class and yelled "Sorry I'm late Zayn! Should we go now?" The girl went over to Zayn and they held hands. "Sure. See you later, Ave!"

What just happened? Nobody ever called me Ave. Why didn't I just hit him!

I haven't even once thought of him as normal. There is something about him. Something he is hiding.

Every girl in the school would dream of getting a kiss from Mr. Wonderful, but not me.

Zayn... Which road do you take?


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