Four Roads, One Path. (1D Fanfic.)

Avary is a 19 years old girl that only uses her brain instead of heart. Avary is the most hardworking girl ever seen. She goes to school like everybody else and straight home after school all the time. That's it. People call her cool for being so not interested in people and for being so mature all the time, but they don't really know her, do they? While in the meantime, a boy with the name Zayn goes to the same school as her and get's along with everybody very well, especially with the lady's. He's bad at his studies and doesn't care about anything. But there is something about him that doesn't seem right. There's something about him that makes Avary wanna know more about him. Avary haven't even once thought that Zayn was normal. She thought he was hiding something. This story has allot of problems involved between the two of them. Will they be able to survive together?
Will Avary be able to open her heart for once? Will Zayn let someone inside his heart or chase the her away?


2. Scarier Than Scariest




The things that seems scary will always look normal to another person. Remember Ave, never to go with a person if he tells you to go with them. Only if it's me. If it's me, then you have to do what I say, or else things will look bad.


Today was Friday. I just finished all of my home works at home. I heard stomach yelling after some food. I went to the kitchen. I noticed that there was no food in the fridge and I didn't want to cook, so I went out to eat instead. I saw a little shop that got my attention. I went Inside but I saw that the food was a little expensive, which was weird for such a little cute shop but I decided to leave and find another shop or restaurant with not so expensive food. When I turned around to leave, I heard a girly crying voice yelling.

"You can't do this to me! We loved each other!"

"Really? Did I ever say that I love you?"

"... But I could feel It and I still can! You love me!"

"But there's really nothing to feel, is there? We never dated, did we? We just hanged out..?"

"But you kissed me!"

"I did that because I suddenly felt like doing it. And do people really have to love each other to make out..?"


"Since you don't have more to say then I should just leave right? Goodbye love."

Was that just Zayn and a new girl? I can't believe it. The face he made just know while talking with the girl was just something that I've never seen before. It was a scary face. His eyes darkened, and voice got deeper for every sentence. But when he said goodbye, his eyes lightened, and his voice turned slowly back to normal, smiled. He yelled "Goodbye love" with a big carelessly smile while walking out of the door. I was just hid myself in the corner watching them. Watching him. It has been a week since he kissed me, and I still regret for not doing something about it. He's seat in class was right beside me. Since the day he kissed me, we haven't talked together, like if he forgot about it. That was also the best. I will let it slide this once.  But changing personality so fast was scary. He's scary. 

  Later that day...

I had finally got something to eat! I payed for the food, and saw that my mom had called me 14 times already. I immediately called back. I thought that something might had happened. "Hello mom!?" I almost yelled out of the worry. "Where are you!? Who are you with!? I swear if you are not home in five minutes, I'm never letting you go out ever! Never! "She yelled so loud that people in the street kept looking weird at me. They could hear every word she yelled and every eye was on me. I felt very uncomfortable." Mom! Stop yelling! I'm not deaf!" People kept looking even more. "It's the first time you've raised you voice on me! You better come home now!" She was right. It was the first time I've raised my voice at my mother. I have always been doing what she wanted me to. But lately I have just been very tired of her.

"Come with me" A voice sounded behind me. I turned around and already knew who it was. Zayn. "What? Where? "I asked him."Come. You. Now" He said and grabbed my arm. He ran all the way while pulling me. I tried to get free and pushed him away countless of times, but he was stronger than me. When we finally got there I looked around. It was an old deserted house. Some people used to live here. But since they moved out nobody ever came to live here anymore. The weirdest thing Is, Is that there is no special reason behind It. "I used to know the people living here. An accident happened, and no one comes to this house anymore because of me." I really didn't care, but if he was going to tell me something, he had to at least do It In a proper way and with more details so that I can understand it, and I also told him that. He got a step closer. Now he was a meter and a half away from me. I liked it better that way. I didn't want him to get to close to me

"You know… I---" Zayn said but got disturbed by some guys at our age.

"Well, look at what we have here! Isn't it Zayn, the ladies man?"

It was two guys with short pants on and one of them had a green shirt on, and the other one with a blue shirt on. I noticed that they had tattoos on their body and piercings on. Zayn looked like he was going to say something important to me before getting interrupted.

"Go away. You've got the wrong person." Zayn said but one of the boys noticed me and said "So this is your girl. You can find better than that, right?" While grabbing my arm tight, while the other one was pushing Zayn and saying "don't play dumb!" Zayn pushed him away and went over to the other one that grabbed me. Zayn took something out of his pocket. It was his keys. "This is self deference..."  Zayn said with his eyes darkened and got his face got scary again. Suddenly Zayn hit the boy with the key and the boy fell down. From his eye down to his lips began to bleed. Zayn jumped down on his stomach and began to kick him and make him cough blood. I just stood there and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Zayns face and eyes were just too scary. I didn't dare to close my eyes because if I did I wouldn't dare to open them again and look at what that might had happened to that boy, and the monster that did it to him. Zayn. 

In the end Zayn sat down on his stomach and the key in his hand which is up in the air now. His hand was aided at that boys face. "Should I do it, or not? Which one?" Zayn said, but before he got to hit him I pushed him away and let them escape. 

When we both calmed down a little.

"Why did you stop me?!” Zayn yelled at me.

"Or else you would have killed him!" I yelled back.

"You know nothing... Like I would've done that... Hah! It was just to scary him a little" He said while laughing a little.

"I pity such lonely guys like you...” I sighed.

"What did you just say?" He said and I suddenly got very uncomfortable. I didn't answer his question, I just kept quite. He took six steps closer to me, and for every step he took I took a step back until he grabbed my waist and pushed me closer to him. Again I tried to break free but he's just too strong. He held my chin with his other hand while looking scarier than scariest. He whispered in my ear "I'm warning you. If this get's out in school, you'll never know what I'll be able to do. Got it?" After saying that he just walked away.

Zayn…You scare the hell out of me...

Today, you were scarier than scariest.

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