Four Roads, One Path. (1D Fanfic.)

Avary is a 19 years old girl that only uses her brain instead of heart. Avary is the most hardworking girl ever seen. She goes to school like everybody else and straight home after school all the time. That's it. People call her cool for being so not interested in people and for being so mature all the time, but they don't really know her, do they? While in the meantime, a boy with the name Zayn goes to the same school as her and get's along with everybody very well, especially with the lady's. He's bad at his studies and doesn't care about anything. But there is something about him that doesn't seem right. There's something about him that makes Avary wanna know more about him. Avary haven't even once thought that Zayn was normal. She thought he was hiding something. This story has allot of problems involved between the two of them. Will they be able to survive together?
Will Avary be able to open her heart for once? Will Zayn let someone inside his heart or chase the her away?


3. Messing With My Mind..




Today's Monday. Friday, when I reached home I got yelled at from my mother as usual. Now I can barely get out of the house unless I have to go to school. Before I got inside class, I stood right in front of the class and wondering how to face Zayn today, after what happened In Fridays, since he sits right beside my seat. I took a deep breath and went inside. I avoided eye contact and just putted my schoolbag down and sat down. "Hey Ave! Did you have take notes from last class?" Zayn said normally. Did he forget what happened? What he said to me. Or is he just pretending? But to avoid awkwardness I guess I just played along. "Yeah you want it?" I said very confident, "Yeah sure." And I just gave it to him while still avoiding eye contact.

When the class was over he returned it to me and gave me a big smile. I don't understand how a person can be carefree. He definitely had something that he's hiding. But since it has nothing with me to do, I have to care about my own problems.

I used to live in another country but moved to Chicago. There were reasons behind it. One day I was on my way home from school. That day I stayed very late at school because I didn't want to go home after arguing with my mother. I was very stubborn. So when I left school I felt like someone was watching me from behind I could always hear the sound of footsteps. I began to walk a little faster but the sound footstep was beginning to be faster than mine, almost like running. I began to run as fast as I could. I looked around to see who it was. It was a man in a black coat with a black hat on, just like the young guy I meet a few years ago, the one who told me about the four kinds of people in this world. It couldn't be! I just kept on running. I finally reached home. I didn't say anything to my mother about it at first.



That was the first time I felt like someone was following me, but it wasn't the last time though. I saw him countless of times, until I went crazy in the end. I told my mother about it and of cause she went crazier than me. She informed the police but the guy couldn't be found anywhere. Was it just my Imagination? 'It felt so real' was what I thought. My mother couldn't just stand and watch her daughter being stalked so she decided to move. That's when we moved to Chicago. She was so worried that we had to move that far away, so that she could be sure that he weren't following me any more... I thought that it stopped but a month ago I saw him. I saw him again. That man.

My mother asked me if I ever saw him again I should go straight to the police station, report it, call and wait for her. But I didn't. I don't want to make her worried. I know that I've really been tired of her lately but he is still my mother. So I just couldn't make myself say it.

The school bell rang. I went to the next class and sat down on my seat. Mr. Davidson came in the class and told everyone to sit down, and get prepared to get the most boring class ever. I have always thought that Mr. Davidson was funny and handsome. Most of the girls thought so. But he had right. It was too boring. I lied and told Mr. Davidson that I wasn't feeling well. He said that I should go to the nurses office. I got out and just walked alone in the hallway. I was thinking about why I have been feeling so afraid from everything lately. Everybody thinks that I'm very mature and someone they can relay on. In reality I'm just the opposite aren't I? 

"So you were out here Avery?" A deep handsome voice said from behind. It was Mr. Davidson. I asked him how he knew that I was out here.

"I could feel that you were lying and something was wrong when you said you weren't feeling well. What's wrong?" I could feel how sincere he was.

"I don't know. Something is not going right. I'm afraid. I'm afraid and I just don't know of what I'm afraid." I said while looking down on the ground. He grabbed my hand with both of his hands gently and held it tight to his heart and said

"Don't worry Avery. Whenever you feel afraid, let me hold your hand like this. It's going to be alright." The tears in my eye formed. I was really surprised and was feeling protected. For the first time. But this was feeling wrong. I have never seen Mr. Davidson being so serious. I began to feel nervous. I didn't know what Mr. Davidson was thinking, how could he say that kind of thing to his students. Only people say this to each other when they have feelings for each other. I pulled my hand back out of his warm and beautiful hands, and without saying something I just walked back to class. When I got there, I noticed that Zayn was missing. I got back at my seat and waited for the class was finished.

Finally the class was over. I could finally go home. I got out of class trying not to get any eye contact with Mr. Davidson. I left the school quietly and thought of where Zayn could have gone to in the middle of class.

"Thinking of me?" The well known annoying voice said. Of cause it was Zayn.

"Leave. Now." I said out of all the confusion I had about him in my mind

"Why so mad, little miss?"

"I don't have time for you so leave, okay?" I didn't know why but I was getting mad for every word he said. I guess it's a sign that says that something's bad is going to happened.  

"Well, you did have time for that teacher. What? did you forget about me?"

"What do you mean that I got time for Mr. Davidson, of cause I did he is our teacher! And did you listen to what we were talking about? Was that why you left class?"

"Are you that worried about me, Hah! You got me worried!"


"I thought you forgot about me" He said while making a puppy face.

"There's nothing to forgot or remember anyways"

"You sure? Well, I must admit that I got jealous, I thought I lost you Avie" He said and got closer to me.

"Okay, can you stop being so disgusting and go away! You never had me to start with! You're getting really annoying, you know!" I said and pushed away and was about to slap him but he grabbed my hand. I kept yelling "Let go!" countless of times but he was holding my hand so tight that It actually felt like burning. The tears suddenly streamed down my face. I was afraid. I was shaking. I lost all hope, got dizzy and got down on my knees. My body was week. I looked up at his face and he was staring at me with his eyes darkened. The positions we were in now was like he had me under his control. I was blinded of all the power he had. At that point I couldn't feel a thing my mind was very messed up at the moment.

I couldn't think of anything clear.

I fainted.


Zayn... I'm begging you, stop messing with my mind...  

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