Do Something Funny for Money

It's Comic Relief next month! So obviously, I'm in a funny (more so then usual) mood! I thought I would suggest some ways, using my imagination! But I wanna hear what you guys are gonna do too. I will try to do these, but I am limited. But I'll still post them on this Movellas. *Note: Yes! The cover is me, in a red hat. Thought it went with it rather well.


1. Red Nose Day 2013

Friday 15th 2013! That's the day when you're allowed to act silly, look stupid and generally just be funny! I am 200% for this fundraiser, I love it. I'm not too enthusiastic about Sport Relief though.... But I'm a comical person, I'm the joker. So I'm going to post some random things on this Movella. Funny jokes, ways to raise money and other (hopefully) comical things! Enjoy! And go out and do something funny for money!

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