Do Something Funny for Money

It's Comic Relief next month! So obviously, I'm in a funny (more so then usual) mood! I thought I would suggest some ways, using my imagination! But I wanna hear what you guys are gonna do too. I will try to do these, but I am limited. But I'll still post them on this Movellas. *Note: Yes! The cover is me, in a red hat. Thought it went with it rather well.


2. A Practical Prank for YouTube

This one might not be able to easily achieve as others, but it's still a suggestion. Ahha! What you could do, is put cameras around a room, set them to record, and pull a prank on a friend. Such pranks could be to pretend cut off your finger. (Easily achieved with fake fingers and blood.) Or the classic come from behind, with a fake weapon and threaten to kill them. Sounds harsh, but yeah. You can think of your own prank if you want, my seem to be violence related. Then, if your friend doesn't mind, (if they do, just blur the face or something) put it on YouTube. Hopefully it gets a few views, and you could try to cash it in. And then... You can donate it to Comic Relief!

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