The Godmother

It was a normal day, I was on my way to my god-daughter Luxs' Birthday. My step-sister Lou invited me to it. I didn't live too far away so I got there fairly early. I walked in and picked up my favorite little girl and walked into the living room. I stepped in and caught the gaze of a curly haired boy who I didn't know at the time, but would change my life forever.


1. The Party

It was a good day, I had woken up on the right side of the bed and had a great breakfast, my dirty blond hair was up in a tight ponytail and I was in a light yellow sundress on my way to my god-daughters birthday party. I was really excited. It was her second birthday and Lou (my stepsister) always joked about how the terrible two's were coming! Lux was a pretty relaxed baby though, I mean sure she cried sometimes but what baby didn't cry?

Lou told me some of the celebrities that she does make-up for would be joining us and I was glad, Lou couldnt get over how well they got along with her. I always thought, boys that got along with babies was the cutest thing, right after green eyes.

I arrived and pulled into the driveway, there were pink balloons scattered across the front lawn and ribbons on everything, Lou really outdid herself.

I walked in and immediately my god-daughter Lux came running over to me,

"Keeeeyyy!" she shout as she leapt into my arms,

"Hey Lux, happy birthday!"I said happily as I squeezed her tight,

She called me Key because my name is Nicole, people call me Nicki so she just calls me Key, she always has. Lou and I argue whether or not it was her first word, I will continue to say, it was.

I was really excited for today, I slipped of my white TOMS and stepped into the living room.

I walked in and saw Lou and Tom sitting on one couch and five teenage boys on the other, one had styled blonde hair with dark brown roots revealing that he dyed it and magnificant blue eyes, the one to his left had dark hair that was styled upwards and dark brown eyes, next to him was a boy with light brown hair that was swept to the side he also had wonderful blue eyes, next to him was a boy with really short brown hair and brown eyes he had a really sweet face, and finally on the end was a boy with a mop of curly hair and dimples but best of all he had green eyes which I loved in guys.

We made eye-contact and smiled at eachother friendlily, our gaze was broken when Lou stood up and introduced me to them,

The one with blond hair was Niall, I gave him a nice hello and he gave me a big smile back, the next boy with the dark hairs' name was Zayn he gave me a wave and I returned it, the next one was Louis who stood and gave me a tight hug, squishing both me and Lux, next to him was Liam who went for a classic hand shake which was incredibly admirable, and finally the one with the green eyes was introduced as Harry, he gave me a smirk and a flirty "Hey", which I obviously returned equally as flirty.

They told me they were in a boyband named 'One Direction" I wasn't a big fan of boybands, my only exception was The Beatles.

I sat on the floor with Lux and played with a doll house until Louis spoke up,

"So your names.. Key?" he asked sweetly,

"Its Nicole, people call me Nicky and Lux just calls me Key, she even got Tom and Lou calling me it!" I exclaimed as I laughed,

"Nice name," Niall said kindly,

"Thanks, Niall is a pretty cool name too,"I told him,

"Thanks!" he said excitedly,

We continued to chat and get to know eachother, then people started showing up.

My step-father came and gave me a hug, and my mother (Lou's step-mom) came too, a lot of our family came. My cousin Charlie came, he and I were insanely close,we used to spend everyday together when we were kids. He was 20 and I was 19 so the age difference wasn't that bad. Lou had a lot of cousins that were around my age, ranging from 16-23 so everyone got on really well. It was getting late and Tom's parents took Lux for the night, all of the children and older adults left so we were getting ready to party!

We got drinks and music going, I went to my car and got out a different outfit, I mean I was going to be partying hard so I needed something awesome to party in!

 (This is what I found: )

I walked back downstairs seeing as how I went upstairs to get ready and the entire aura of the house changed, the place was insane! There were people everywhere and music that made the blood in your veins leap with every bass drop. There were people bumping into me as I made my way to the drink table, I saw a familiar blonde head of hair and spun him around,

"Keeyyyyyy!" he shouted, he had clearly already had a few drinks,

"Hey Ni!!" I shouted back before taking a sip of my drink,

"I have a secret to tell you," he said while grinning,

"Oh yeah? What is it?" I laughed,

"Harry likes yooou!" he laughed but I could detect a seriousness in his voice,

"No way," I argued, there is no way he likes me!

"Uhh Yeah Way," he said while mocking me in a girly voice,

"Ok then Niall, I'll see you around!" I shouted as I walked away,


There is no way Harry likes me I mean sure we flirted with eachother all day today and had a good laugh but I just don't think he would like me that way! I put a and on either side of my face blocking my freckle covered area below both of my eyes. I was sitting on the couch when someone sloppily sat down next to me, it was Louis.

"Hey Louis,"I said excitedly,

"Oh hey Nick," he slurred while smiling,

And then he left, guess I bored him. I frowned to myself then a hand was extended in front of my face, I looked up to a familiar curly mop and smiled.


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