The Godmother

It was a normal day, I was on my way to my god-daughter Luxs' Birthday. My step-sister Lou invited me to it. I didn't live too far away so I got there fairly early. I walked in and picked up my favorite little girl and walked into the living room. I stepped in and caught the gaze of a curly haired boy who I didn't know at the time, but would change my life forever.


2. A Great Night

I took his hand and he lifted me off the couch, my other hand played with my paper airplane necklace. Habit. Harry noticed what I was doing and he smiled wide,

"I like your necklace, I have the same one," he smiled,

"Thats cool, I really like it. My dad gave it to me when I was little," I told him,

"That's sweet, do you miss him a lot?" he asked nervously,

"I miss him often but I try not to let it stay in my head too much," I told him,

He just nodded as I led him to the drink table, we decided we would make eachother drinks and see what we end up with. We turned away from eachother and I grinned over my shoulder as I peeked at his creation.

"Heyy! No peeking!" he shouted and bumped his bum into mine,

"Sorry!" I exclaimed as I put my hands up in defense,

I made him a wild drink and tested it, it tasted pretty good, lucky him.

I turned to him with his mystery concoction disguised in a red solo cup, he turned and had the same. We traded drink and both took a big drink out of our cups, I recognised mine right away, Coke and Jack Daniels, it tasted great and was also my favorite, he took a drink of his and tightened his face like he had just sucked a lemon.

"What is this??" he muttered,

"You'll never know," I laughed as I winked at him and took another drink,

"You like it?" he asked,

"Love it! It's my favorite!" I yelled over the music which became much louder,

"Awesome! Mine too!" he laughed and dumped his drink, awww.

We went outside and sat on a bench, it was great to get outside because of the heat but it was also November so I was cold quickly. Harry didn't seem affected by it. I shivered.

"You cold?" he asked, clearly concerned,

"Yeah, its pretty cold out," I said with a light laugh,

"I'd do the whole scene form the movie where I drape a sweater over your shoulder but I'm kind of using mine," he said sinisterly,

"You're such a jerk!" I laughed as I playfuly pushed him over,

"Anytime," he said as he quickly kissed my cheek and ran into the house,

That devil.

By this time it was almost three and the party was starting to die down, Lou told me to take whichever room I wanted that wasn't occupied. I went upstairs and tried the first room, it was Lux' so I went to the next one, I opened to see Zayn and a blonde haired girl "gettin' busy"  so I quickly shut the door and tried the next, I went through two more rooms before finding one with the lights off and no sound to be heard, I quickly stripped down to my underwear and got in the bed, I was completley comfortable until I felt a warmth next to me, soon realising there was another body in the bed,

"Oh shit!" I exclaimed as I fell off the bed in surprise,

The person in the bed grumbled it sounded like a much older man! I quickly put my clothes on and ran out, that was awful! I ran into Harry and almost fell over but he caught me,

"Whats going on?" he asked, surprised by my behaviour,

"I'm exhausted! I just want to sleep! I've walked in on people having sex three times, and got in bed with some old guy I don't even know! I just want to find a bed and sleep," I rambled on to him,

He laughed at my misfortune and took my hand, he led me to a room and flicked the light on. The bed was empty and I was so relieved. I looked over to see Harry already shirtless and taking his pants off, man was he toned. He looked up a me and clearly saw the expression of surprise on my face,

"What?" he asked softly,

"What are you doing...?" I asked,

"Going to bed, this is my room for the week, I don't mind sharing," he said as he finsihed de-clothing,

I looked at him uneasily I mean we just met and I was already going to be in bed with him?

"Come on, we're both drunk and tired and need a place to sleep. I promise I won't do anything," he smiled at me, trying to comfort me,

"Ok... But can you turn the light off first?" I asked nervously,

"No problem," he smiled and walked over to the light switch and the room went dark, he muttered an apology because he bumped into me due to the darkness, he found the bed and after I heard no sound at all I quickly took my clothes off and got into bed next to him.

Our eyes had adjusted to the darkness so we could almost see eachother perfectly, we faced eachother and smiled. His eyes travelled down to my body, he studied it. I had underwear and a bra on so I wasn't completely bare but I still felt exposed, his eyes focused on my chest and he smirked. Ok I will admit, I am incredibly equipt in the bosom area. I cleared my throught and his head shot up, he gave me an apologetic face and I gave him a face showing I accepted it. He kissed my cheek and said goodnight and thats when I knew, I really liked Harry Styles.




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